Jerry Jones’ $250 Million Super-Yacht Includes a Helicopter Pad, Spa, Gym, and Garage for His Watercraft

The Dallas Cowboys are having a rough year. But one person who isn’t struggling is Jerry Jones. The team owner has amassed an impressive fortune in his career, and his wealth has only grown since buying the Cowboys. But how exactly does Jones spend his money? One of his most expensive possessions is a $250 million super-yacht customized with incredible features. Here’s the story of Jones’ yacht and how he became wealthy enough to buy it. 

What is Jerry Jones’ net worth? 

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones in Dallas training camp | Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images

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Today, Jones’ net worth is estimated to be about $8.4 billion. His most valuable asset, of course, is the Dallas Cowboys franchise. He bought that team and saw an already strong brand skyrocket with Super Bowl dominance in the ’90s. But the team isn’t all he owns. Here are some of Jones’ assets:

  • Controlling shareholder in Comstock Resources, a Texas-based oil and gas outfit
  • Owner of 75 Papa John’s franchises 
  • Owns a Norman Rockwell original painting known as “Coin Toss” as well as pieces by Matisse, Renoir, and Picasso

It’s clear that Jones has quite a collection of assets. So where did he get the money for all of that? 

How Jones made his money

Jones owns one of America’s most popular sports franchises. The Cowboys are usually the featured game on Fox NFL Sunday or in primetime. However, the team has struggled over the past few decades to achieve postseason dominance. Dallas has won only a single playoff game since earning their last Super Bowl in 1996.

But there’s no question that Jones played a huge role in building “America’s Team.” He paved the way for the team’s dominance in the ’90s by hiring Jimmy Johnson as head coach. Jones also oversaw the building of Dallas’s new stadium, which has become one of the biggest in the league and a site for many other high-profile sports and entertainment events. 

Prior to owning the Cowboys, Jones worked for his family’s life insurance company before becoming an oilman. There, he acquired the capital needed to buy the Cowboys, which took place in the late ’80s. Jones’ massive fortune gives him opportunities most people only dream of. One of those involves buying a ridiculously expensive yacht.

The details of Jerry Jones’ $250 million super-yacht 

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One of the coolest elements of this year’s NFL draft was getting to see the virtual “war rooms” of executives and coaches. Jones was no different, dialing in from a rather swank-looking location. According to Insider, Jones’ location was his $250 million super-yacht. This may be a point of contention between NFL owners; several others own yachts as well.

The Washington Football Team’s Daniel Synder, Atlanta Falcons’ Arthur Blank, and Jacksonville Jaguars Shad Khan all enjoy yacht ownership. Snyder’s even boasts an IMAX theater. But Jones’ yacht is larger than all of theirs. It has amazing features according to Forbes, including: 

  • A spa
  • A gym
  • A steam room and sauna
  • Jet ski and boat storage

The yacht, named Bravo Eugenia, has two helipads for helicopters to land on. It was built in Holland and features interior design from two noted designers: Reymond Langdon from the United Kingdom and Nuvolari Lenard Italy. 

The yacht is more than 357 feet long. For those doing the math at home, that’s longer than an actual football field. Jones’ team may not be performing well on the field this year, but he has at least one asset that can help him relax and forget about his prized possession’s on-field struggles.