Jerry Rice Claims Antonio Brown Deserves An Oscar

Antonio Brown’s shocking departure from the Oakland Raiders just days before the NFL season kicked off had fans shook. There was no need to worry, though. The famed wideout landed in Massachusetts to join Bill Belichick’s already blinged-out squad in record time.  While the move may appear serendipitous to most, Jerry Rice isn’t buying it. He is accusing Brown of having a master plan to land right where he wanted all along, and now other players may follow suit.

How to Antonio Brown end up in Oakland, anyway?

Antonio Brown
Wide receiver Antonio Brown| Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

During the off-season, Brown needed a new team. He and the Steelers couldn’t get along, and by Valentine’s Day, he was ready to move on. In March, Brown sat down for an interview, and let the world know that he was more than happy to walk away from the game entirely if that’s how the chips fell.

According to CBS Sports, Brown gave an interview to ESPN. He told reporters that he could walk away from football altogether and wouldn’t play unless it was by his rules. When questioned as to whether or not he wanted to play, he said; “It’s a difference. I don’t need to play for no one. I’m happy.”

He did find a team, but Jerry Rice is beginning to think signing with the Raiders was all a ruse, according to TMZ. To hear Rice tell it, the pro-bowler used the Raiders as a steppingstone. He used the team to shine in the off-season, to show the world he was committed to the game, and that it was never him that was the problem. Once he proved it, he stirred up drama to get let out of his contract. Waiting in the wings was the team he intended to join all along, surmised Rice.

Brown’s drama stretches back to Pittsburgh

Brown’s current round of drama is nothing new. The impressive wide receiver has been quietly creating tension inside locker rooms for years. Brown’s chosen team, the Pittsburgh Steelers are known as notoriously player-centric. They put up with a lot of antics, and they are surprisingly forgiving. Brown should have found a comfortable home there, but by 2017 things were souring between the star receiver and the coaching staff. His teammates soon followed.

According to CBS News, the Steelers could no longer hide the divided locker room by the 2018 season. In December, Brown skipped out on practice after a heated argument with the team’s quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger.

Did Antonio Brown want to be a Patriot all along?

It took exactly five hours and two minutes for Brown to sign a deal with the Patriots, according to The Ringer. The media is skeptical that all of the moving parts of a contract just fell into place within hours. Many sports experts believe Brown and the Patriots were conspiring to get Brown to Foxborough for months.

Adam Schefter of EPSN tweeted about potential collusion yesterday. He alleges that the Patriots attempted to trade for Brown in March when he initially went on the market. The Steelers allegedly wouldn’t go for it, because the Pats are a rival. They were happy to hand him off to the Raiders.

Brown seemingly never wanted to be in Oakland though, and it looks like he played a con game to shake his contract. By doing so, he became a free agent, and as a free agent, he could sign with anyone he wanted. The Patriots likely had the contract all drawn up long before the Raiders decided to let Brown go.