‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’: “Snooki Goes to Washington” Season Finale Recap

The third season of MTV’s Jersey Shore: Family Vacation hasn’t been all smooth sailing. There has already been plenty of conflict among the cast members. 

Jenni “JWoww” Farley clashed with Angelina Pivarnick over a maybe-maybe not incident with her 24-year-old boyfriend, Zack Clayton Carpinello. Meanwhile, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro struggled with his ongoing troubled relationship with his baby’s mother, and on-again, off-again girlfriend, Jen Harley. 

But the 12th and 13th episodes on Nov. 7, “Snooki Goes to Washington” Parts 1 and 2, were all about love and support. 

Well, mostly. Several of the Jersey Shore castmates headed out to Washington, D.C., on the season finale, in an attempt to free Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino from prison. Still, it wouldn’t be Jersey Shore without a little drama…and a lot of drinking. 

Jersey Shore cast at the MTV awards
Jenni Farley, Clayton Carpinello, Nicole Polizzi, Lauren Sorrentino, Amy Paffrath, Angela Pivarnick, and Deena Nicole Buckner | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for MTV

The cast headed to JWoww’s house 

The Jersey Shore cast members, including Ortiz-Magro, Pivarnick, Vinny Guadagnino, DJ Pauly D, and Nicole “Snooki” LaValle, headed out to Farley’s sprawling New Jersey mansion. They heard that Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino would be getting out soon after his eight-month prison stay for felony tax evasion.

But Lauren Sorrentino, the Situation’s wife, called the Jersey Shore castmates with bad news. There were no updates yet, and it didn’t look like her husband would be released as soon as they thought.

After a few drinks, “Free the Sitch” was born

Although the cast was let down by the disappointing news, Cortese unveiled an idea to head down to D.C. and protest for Sorrentino’s release. “I’m ready to f*****g do what Kim Kardashian did,” she said over a bottle of wine. “If Kim Kardashian could get someone out of jail, why can’t we?”

Guadagnino, however, wasn’t so convinced. “I think these women are possibly coming up with the worst plan in the history of plans,” he confessed to the cameras. “You can’t go to the White House. There’s a fence around it.” 

Ortiz-Magro agreed, warning, “Mike, if you’re stuck in there for four months, this is why.” 

Snooki, meanwhile, thought the Jersey Shore cast’s reality TV credentials might get them some props with Donald Trump. “The president is a reality star. We’re reality stars. Let my friend out of jail,” she said.

The ‘Jersey Shore’ girls boarded a private jet to free the Sitch

“We’re making history, b**ches!” Cortese exclaimed as she, Farley, Pivarnick, and LaValle took on one of the more unconventional (and booze-soaked) protests in recent history. Sporting “Free the Sitch” shirts, the four castmates boarded a private jet and a party bus to wave banners in front of the White House. 

Still, they drank a little too much champagne to be very effective in gaining an audience with the President. “I didn’t see myself as an activist, but I’m frickin’ killing it,” Cortese told MTV cameras (before falling).

“I’m so sorry, Mike and Lauren. We shouldn’t have drank so much,” LaValle admitted.

While the girls are away, the boys will play

The Jersey Shore boys (minus Sorrentino, of course) stayed behind in Farley’s house while their roommates were in Washington, D.C. But when they returned, all hell broke loose.

Spearheaded by Cortese, the female roomies called Vinny out, claiming he was “boring” and judgmental. 

“We love you, and we feel like you don’t love us back,” Cortese complained. “We just don’t like that we see you having such a good time, and then when you’re with us, you’re just like, miserable…You sit there like a lump on a log and you don’t do s**t.”

“I don’t drink that much, I’m not an alcoholic,” Guadagnino clapped back. 

The Jersey Shore castmates all agreed that Cortese was being a little harsh, and she apologized the next day. The guys got their comeuppance, though, by temporarily convincing the girls that they’d delayed Sorrentino’s release with their antics in D.C. 

The ‘Jersey Shore’ family got a call from the Sitch

After Pauly defended his title as the undefeated prank war champion, Sorrentino called from prison, to his Jersey Shore roomies’ delight. 

He explained that he was now technically eligible to come home for home confinement to serve the remainder of his sentence. The exact date was being kept private, he explained, because prison officials were wary about media attention.

“You start out at such a high when we hear from him, and then it’s like part of your heart is taken out,” said Farley of the delay in his release. Still, Sorrentino seemed positive and hopeful, and the call ended on a high note.

Sorrentino was ultimately released on Sept. 12, 2019, after serving his full eight months in federal prison.