‘Counting On:’ Jessa Duggar Just Proved She and Ben Seewald Are More in Love Than Ever

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald have been married since 2014. The couple currently stars in TLC’s Counting On, and Duggar is pregnant with their third child. Over the years, fans have questioned whether Duggar is truly happy in her marriage. But her recent Instagram post proves she and Seewald are still madly in love.

Jessa Duggar, Ben Seewald, and their sons, Spurgeon and Henry
Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald recently announced their third pregnancy. | Jessa Seewald via Instagram

Duggar and Seewald announced they’re expecting their third child in June

The love story between Duggar and Seewald has been adorable since it started. When Duggar was 17, she was running late to church, and as she entered the building, she locked eyes with Seewald for the first time. She was nervous, though, and the two didn’t say much to one another. But Duggar’s family invited him over for dinner one night, and the two were able to bond a bit. However, she was a couple years older than Seewald, but over the next few years, it didn’t stop them from starting a romance. They courted for 10 months and tied the knot in November 2014.

The couple currently has two kids together; Spurgeon and Henry. In January, they announced that they’re expecting their third child in late spring, which means they could welcome a baby any day now. Although the couple knows the baby’s gender, they have decided to keep it a surprise for the rest of the family.

In the past, fans have questioned if the two are happy in their marriage

The Duggars tend to court and wed very quickly, and some fans have wondered if they are truly happy with the people they end up marrying. Duggar and Seewald have been together for almost five years, but the two seem to have a healthy relationship. Plus, they courted for 10 months, which might as well be 10 years in Duggar time. (Some courtships have only been several weeks long.) However, some fans have suspected Duggar seems bored in her marriage and feels that she could have done better than Seewald. Others think the only reason she is happy is because he allows her to take control.

Duggar posted the sweetest Instagram for Seewald’s birthday

Duggar posted the sweetest message for her husband’s birthday.

Despite what fans might think, it doesn’t look like Duggar is any less in love with Seewald than she was five years ago. Earlier this week, she posted the sweetest birthday message for her hubby on Instagram. “I’m so undeserving of the gift God gave me in you!” the caption read. “I married way out of my league, and I know it! There’s no one else I’d rather do life with.” Clearly, Duggar has no complaints about marrying Seewald. Yes, she might be a stay-at-home mom, but the way the Duggars were raised, that is normal. She appears to be very content parenting those two boys and looks forward to welcoming another baby to her family. Seewald has always been supportive of her and her take-charge personality (which is why some think she has more control in the family). Sure, every marriage has its ups and downs, but ultimately, Duggar has made it clear that she loves her husband greatly.  

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