Jessa Duggar Is Being Put on Blast for Her Parenting Yet Again Due to This Instagram Post

While the men in the Duggar household certainly garner interest, it seems the Duggar ladies are the most captivating — and Jessa Duggar is certainly a standout. From her beautiful wedding (that included running from the church for a private first kiss) to her upcoming third pregnancy, fans love watching Counting On to see what the happy Duggar daughter is getting into next.

Jessa and her husband, Ben Seewald, currently have two adorable sons they love to share photos of on social media, too. While fans typically leave nice comments, the parents are no strangers to negativity. And it seems one recent photo of their boys has caused outrage. Here’s why.

Jessa was criticized due to this Instagram photo of her two sons

With every positive comment from a fan comes a negative one, and few know this better than Jessa. In mid-March, she posted a cute photo of her sons, Spurgeon and Henry, on a shopping cart full of gardening materials. She described her spring gardening ventures within the caption of the post, as she wrote, “Just been doing a little spring prep while @ben_seewald is on spring break. Pretty sure we’ve been to Lowe’s 3x this week.” Plenty of the comments offered advice for how Jessa can grow beautiful flowers on a budget, but many others took issue with Spurgeon hanging on to the cart.

CafeMom notes many of her followers took to the comments to add their opinion on the photo. “Jessa and Ben…BE CAREFUL cause those carts flip when there’s weight like on it. Also hanging on the side is dangerous,” one follower said. Another added, “You really shouldn’t let your kids do that. I did it when my brother was a baby and the whole cart flipped over.”

Not only that, but her followers also took issue with the fact that little Henry wasn’t wearing anything to cover his feet. “Temperatures there are in the 50’s today where are Henry’s socks?” questioned one follower.

This is far from the first time she’s been criticized by her fans

Perhaps more so than her sisters, Jessa has been put on blast multiple times in the past due to her decisions as a mother. When she posted a video of Henry blowing “drool bubbles,” many made note that the entire ordeal showed how unsanitary she was. Keeping in line with the sanitation complaints, others have made note of how dirty her house looks all the time.

Jessa clearly doesn’t have time for the hate, however. While she welcomes the opinions of others, she’s made it clear that if anyone has trouble with her parenting, then they’re free to share their “perfect parenting advice” with her in the comments of her Instagram. We recall one Instagram post in particular that shows Spurgeon sipping from a bottle where Jessa seriously clapped back. “Yes, he’s 22 months old. Yes, he drinks water from a sippy cup, and yes, he still prefers to drink much of his milk/kefir from his bottle,” she wrote. “So there ya have it.”

Jessa’s shut down her critics multiple times in the past

Aside from the Instagram post on Spurgeon sipping from a bottle, Jessa’s also slyly shut down her critics on other occasions. TV Shows Ace reminds us of the time when Jessa shared a video of her sons playing in a treehouse in their backyard. One of her followers noticed the tree trunks didn’t have enough room to grow due to the placement of the treehouse and said as much, and Jessa assured them she knew exactly what she was doing. “I’m planning to notch the boards out more with reciprocating saw as the tree grows! Didn’t want gaps too big for little feet to get wedged in there!” she started.

Will Jessa respond to the criticism on her latest Instagram post? Perhaps — or maybe she’ll ignore the negativity altogether.

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