Jessa Duggar Joked About Jana, Joy-Anna, and Johannah Duggar All Having Similar Names in Her Family

The Duggars are known for their strict rules and huge family, and Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have also gotten a ton of flack for the names they’ve given their kids. The parents of 19 decided to give all of their children names that start with the letter “J.” While the Duggar kids don’t seem to mind, they’ve been a source of ridicule for critics.

Recently, Jessa Duggar made a joke about a few of her siblings having similar-sounding names, too. Here’s what she wrote.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar gave all of their kids’ names that start with ‘J’

Jessa, Jinger, Joy-Anna, and Jana Duggar
Jessa, Jinger, Joy-Anna, and Jana Duggar | Ida Mae Astute/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images)

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We know all of Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids have names that begin with the same letter, but this wasn’t initially planned. They decided to name their first son Josh. And they named their second baby Caleb, though Michelle sadly miscarried. After that, twins John-David and Jana were born. Josh and John-David are both Biblical names, while Michelle wanted to name Jana after her grandmother, Ana, In Touch Weekly notes. From that point forward, the “J” tradition started to really take shape.

“We thought, ‘Well, if this is the last baby that we have it would be terrible if we had Josh, Jana, John, and … Marianne.’ Because they might say, ‘Why didn’t you name me with a J?’” Michelle explained, according to In Touch.

“It’s not something we planned,” Michelle added. “We just didn’t want to leave anybody out after that, so the J names stuck.”

Joy-Anna Duggar and Jinger Duggar have the same nickname for their daughters

Many of Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids are older, married, and have children of their own. None of them are carrying the “J” name tradition, though Josh and Anna Duggar have named all six of their kids with “M” names. And Jinger and Joy-Anna Duggar have the same nickname for their little girls.

Joy-Anna and her husband, Austin Forsyth, gave birth to a baby girl in September 2020. They decided to name their daughter Evelyn Mae — Evy Mae for short.

Jinger and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, had their baby girl in November 2020. And they named her Evangeline Jo, with Evy Jo as her nickname.

Duggar fans are likely wondering why Jinger and Joy-Anna would choose the same nickname for their kids, but it’s clear they don’t mind. It’s safe to assume full names will likely be used when the little girls are visiting Jim Bob and Michelle’s place.

Jessa Duggar joked about her sisters having similar names

It looks like Jessa is fully-aware some of her sisters’ names sound quite alike. Reddit users noticed she commented on Jeremy’s post that praises Jinger as a mother and a partner. Jessa commented to a fan about Evy Jo and Evy Mae’s names.

“The names are sort of similar, but no more than Jana, Joy-Anna, and Johannah,” she wrote with a laughing emoji.

“I’m shocked at Jessa’s comment,” one Reddit user commented. They added that they rarely see this level of “self-awareness” from the family, especially on social media.

“I like that Jessa can laugh about it,” another wrote.

“Jana, Joy-Anna, and Johannah are way worse to me,” another added. “They’re sisters that have basically the same name. I think that’s a bigger deal than cousins sharing a name.”

It’s clear none of the Duggars seem to mind the cousins sharing a nickname. And it doesn’t look like Jana, Joy-Anna, or Johannah mind sharing names that are very similar, either.

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