Jessa Duggar Just Gave Us a Super Powerful Parenting Tip

Anyone who has young children knows they are a major challenge. While they’re filled with love and there is nothing more important than them on the planet, they can also be extremely difficult at times. Jessa Duggar recently posted a video of her son on Instagram and reminded us all of something incredibly valuable in parenting.

Duggar daughters
Jessa Duggar, left, has three kids. | Ida Mae Astute/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald have three children

Duggar and Seewald were one of the first Duggar couples to wed. The two were married in 2014, and they didn’t waste any time having kids. The couple will celebrate their fifth year of marriage this fall, and they welcomed three children in those five years. They have two older boys, Spurgeon and Henry, and the two recently welcomed their first daughter, Ivy Jane, in May. Duggar had a few problems with her third birth, but all of the children are healthy. Now, she’s only focused on being the best mother she can be. And she recently posted an Instagram video discussing the way she parents her kids.  

Duggar recently posted a video reminding people to ‘encourage’ their children’s excitement

Duggar took to Instagram to share a video of her older son, Spurgeon, helping her vacuum the family room. In the video, he’s doing his best to help her clean, though it’s clear he’s struggling a bit to handle such a big appliance. However, Duggar lets him go and decided to film him doing his best to keep their family room clean. “Yes, it may take 5x longer than if I did it myself, but they find it exciting to help out and lend a hand,” she wrote in the caption. “We definitely need to encourage this and not squelch the excitement.” She went on to say how important it is that the kids learn these tasks and are someday able to do them entirely on their own.

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There’s a window of time in the toddler years where little ones become eager to help. It’s so sweet to watch their excitement as they are allowed to take part in meaningful tasks— not pretend “helping”, but really doing something that helps out the whole family. Playing together is fun, but even the cleanup can be fun if we do it together. There’s a sense of importance and belonging and being needed. Sometimes as a mom I have to pause and remember this. Yes, it may take 5x longer than if I did it myself, but they find it exciting to help out and lend a hand. We definitely need to encourage this and not squelch the excitement. Spurgeon wanted to vacuum the rug this morning, so I showed him how to get started, and then he took over. I stood there in awe watching this determined little guy. After 10 min of going in circles and stopping to inspect for any missed spots, he had the whole thing spotless! Wiping down the table, putting away toys, dumping ingredients and mixing in a bowl, grabbing a diaper for the baby, loading spoons and cups into the dishwasher— they’re eager to take part. As they show interest in household tasks, there needs to be less of sending them off to play, and more of bringing them alongside us and involving them in what we’re doing. At first, tasks will be joint or may require our full supervision, but before we know it they will be older, competent, and be able do these tasks on their own— and do them well. My mom modeled this beautifully. “There’s a window of time where they’re eager to help. Capture it. Don’t squelch it.” ☺️❤️

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Fans loved Duggar’s approach to parenting

When Duggar posted the photo, fans couldn’t agree more. “Keep it up mama you are doing great,” one fan wrote. “Start em [sic] young to care for their home, they carry it to their own later,” another user commented. People went on to tell their own stories about how their kids learned from them or they learned from their parents. People praised Duggar’s patience with her son and found her advice to be very valuable. But Duggar, just like the other members of her family, is still learning the parenting ropes.

Many of the Duggars are new parents

Duggar is one of the most seasoned parents out of any of the Duggar children. Most of them are only just starting to learn the ropes of caring for a child. Duggar has three kids of her own, but her other sisters, Jill, Joy, and Jinger, only have one or two. Everyone knows that learning parenting skills can be tough, but thankfully, all of the Duggars have each other (plus their own parents) to help them get by. It’s clear that Duggar is doing her best to raise her three kids, and fans seem to be supporting her.