Jessa Duggar Only Allowed 1 of Her Kids to Join Her and Ben Seewald on Their Anniversary Date

This season of Counting On is in full swing, and fans are ecstatic to see what the Duggar family is up to next. When the Duggars first gained attention on TV, it was thanks to Jim Bob and Michelle, the parents of their now-famous 19 children. And now, it’s the adult kids, like Jessa, Jana, Jinger, and Joy-Anna, who have taken the reins.

Jessa’s been a fan favorite since the early days of 19 Kids and Counting, and we know she’s been busy taking care of her three young children with her husband, Ben Seewald. While she doesn’t post to Instagram as much as she used to, she just added a post about her most recent anniversary date — and it seems only one of her three children got to go.

Fans have been wondering where Jessa’s been on Instagram

There are more members of the Duggar family on Instagram than ever before, but we’ve been following Jessa since her marriage to Ben Seewald years ago. Jessa’s Instagram is full of adorable photos of her with Ben as well as sweet moments with her two sons, Spurgeon and Henry. And since having Ivy, who’s only 5 months old, Jessa’s been featuring her kids and her husband on the ‘gram way more often than herself.

Occasionally, fans will notice that Jessa appears on her Instagram Story — but as far as posts of herself are concerned, we haven’t seen one featuring her on her own ‘gram in ages. Not only that, but Jessa also changed her Instagram profile photo to one of Ben holding Ivy. Fans have shown their concern for Jessa’s absence, too — though the Duggar family has reassured everyone she’s totally fine and just busy being a mom.

Jessa and Ben are celebrating another year of marriage

While Jessa still hasn’t made any personal appearances on her Instagram, she did take some time to post about another year spent with Ben. The two have officially been married for five years, and they’ve easily become one of our favorite couples. While many of the Duggars rush into marriage after courting their potential spouse, In Touch Weekly reminds us that Jessa and Ben actually courted for nearly a year before their engagement. And on their wedding day, they ran from the altar prior to their first kiss so they could share the moment privately.

Now that Jessa and Ben are deep into their marriage and family life, they’ve noted on Counting On that they’ve had quite a few disagreements. As Ben admitted on the show, “We’re not as organized with our finances as we probably ought to be, that’s something we talk about a lot.” Jessa added, “We probably have had some disagreements on finances.” Money aside, Ben has also mentioned that he’d love to move to the “big city” — and to that, Jessa seemed to majorly disagree, too.

Jessa only brought Ivy with her on her anniversary date

Despite their differences, Jessa and Ben seem to have an extremely happy marriage. And instead of enjoying an anniversary date with just the two of them, they decided to bring just one of the children, Ivy, along. And the video Jessa posted to her Instagram shows Ben eating gelato while Ivy lays in his arms and looks longingly at the ice cream.

Since Ivy isn’t even a year old yet, perhaps they thought this would give them more quality time to spend with her while Spurgeon and Henry stayed at Michelle’s home. It doesn’t seem like many of Jessa’s followers were worried about the boys being left behind, either, as everyone was way more obsessed with how adorable Ivy is. “She’s just waiting for that spoon to get to her mouth.!! She’s precious!!” one follower noted. Another wrote, “Congratulations!! Ivy is so adorable!! Those big eyes!!”

Jessa didn’t make an appearance in the anniversary video, but we’re hoping we can see more of her with her kids on the ‘gram in the future. For now, congratulations are in order for Jessa and Ben!

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