Jessa Duggar Refuses to Tell Her Kids the Gender of Baby No. 4 Prior to Birth

Jessa Duggar of the Duggar family is gearing up for baby No. 4. She and husband Ben Seewald already have three little ones, and now, Jessa’s sharing her birth plan with fans. In a recent YouTube video, Jessa noted she’s not sharing the gender of her fourth baby with her other three little kids prior to the baby’s birth. Here’s why.

Jessa Duggar shared her plans for baby No. 4 with Duggar family fans

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The Duggar family adores children, and fans can’t wait for Jessa’s fourth baby. This time around, she plans to go about the birth a lot differently, too. According to a YouTube video she posted on June 11, 2021, she noted she’s heading to the hospital for baby No. 4.

“Ben and I talked this over a lot, and we decided we are going to do a hospital birth this time,” Jessa noted in her video. “So, that’ll be different. … I’ve had three great home births … good experiences. No complications with the birth itself, but I have had postpartum hemorrhage two times with my first and my third.”

The Counting On star admits the hospital birth will be a new experience for her, and she has some nerves surrounding the environment. “I feel like, in some ways, I’ve just been so used to just being able to be in my own space in labor and move about and have the comfort of home and I love that,” she added in the video. “In that sense, a hospital sounds very different. I wonder will I be able to relax, will things be able to progress, or will my body be stressed and tense up?”

Why Jessa Duggar refuses to tell her kids the gender of her fourth baby

Jessa Duggar of the Duggar family from TLC's 'Counting On' surrounded by family at 'Extra' New York studios
The Duggar family visits ‘Extra’ at their New York studios | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Aside from hospital talk, Jessa noted she’s also not telling her three kids the gender of the fourth baby prior to the birth. In fact, she’s not telling anyone. Jessa wants to surprise the rest of the Duggar family with the baby’s gender after the birth.

“So, Ben and I went back and forth, back and forth — we kept talking about it,” Jessa noted. “I think since our kids are older now … we were thinking, ‘Well, they’ll probably get really excited to know the baby’s gender.’ And so, we planned like we were going to tell them.”

Jessa then noted it’s a tradition of her and Ben’s to not tell anyone the gender of the baby prior to birth, though. And telling her kids would ruin this tradition. Not only that, but her kids wouldn’t be able to keep the baby’s gender a secret from the rest of the Duggars if they knew.

“We decided we are not going to tell our kids before — that we’re going to wait,” she added. “When the baby’s born, we’re going to tell them first. So, they’ll get to know gender and name and all of that.” Spurgeon and Henry, Jessa’s oldest, will then get to make the announcement to the rest of the Duggar family.

How old is Jessa Duggar’s daughter? How old are her sons?

So, how old are Jessa and Ben’s daughter and sons in 2021? Spurgeon, the oldest, turns 6 years old in November 2021. Henry, the middle child, turned 4 in February 2021. And Ivy, the current youngest, recently turned 2. The family celebrated her birthday at the end of May 2021.

Jessa might’ve made the right call by not sharing the baby’s gender with her kids, as they’d surely tell the rest of the Duggars. She also noted the kids haven’t been “super bummed” about not knowing the gender, either. “They’re just really excited,” she verified in the video. “They’re not distraught they don’t know.”

We look forward to hearing more about Jessa’s fourth baby soon enough!

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