‘Counting On:’ You Won’t Believe How Much Jessa Duggar’s Babies Weighed at Birth

Jessa Duggar, along with the rest of the Duggar family, loves the idea of having plenty of kids. And Duggar recently welcomed her third child with husband Ben Seewald. In Duggar’s blog post about the new baby, she revealed the birth weights of her first two kids — and you won’t believe how much they weighed.

Jessa Duggar Ben Seewald sons
Jessa Duggar, Ben Seewald, and their two sons, Spurgeon and Henry | Jessa Seewald via Instagram

Duggar and Seewald recently welcomed a baby girl

Back in January, Duggar posted on her Instagram account that she and Seewald were expecting their third child in late spring. The couple told TLC they knew the gender of the baby but said they wanted to keep it a surprise for the rest of the family. Duggar’s pregnancy was a little more difficult emotionally because she learned that she and sister-in-law Lauren Swanson were supposed to be due on the same day. (Swanson revealed she had a miscarriage several months ago but recently announced another pregnancy.) Duggar gave birth to her daughter, Ivy Jane Seewald, almost two weeks before her due date.

The couple’s two boys weighed as much as 10 pounds each

Duggar and Seewald share two boys together as well; Spurgeon and Henry. And when the couple announced Ivy’s birth, they wrote on the blog that their first two boys weighed much more than their little girl. Ivy weighed in at seven pounds, 14 ounces. Seewald said she was surprised at her daughter’s weight because her two boys were so much bigger. She then revealed that her older son, Spurgeon, weighed nearly 10 pounds when he was born, and her younger son, Henry, weighed nearly nine pounds. “She feels so tiny compared to her siblings!” the couple wrote.  

Most babies weigh right around 7.5 pounds

Spurgeon and Henry were very heavy babies. Most babies in the United States weigh just under 7.5 pounds at birth; to have two boys who weigh nine and 10 pounds respectively is far above the average. (Not to mention, Seewald birthed both boys naturally and at home, which is even more incredible.) And although Ivy Jane weighed less than her brothers, she still weighed more than half a pound over the typical U.S. average. It’s unclear why Seewald’s boys weighed so much, but she did note that her daughter was born two weeks earlier than both of her brothers, which may have contributed to them weighing a bit more than their sister.

Duggar and Seewald will likely have more kids

While the couple is only focused on taking care of their new baby girl right now, they will probably have more kids. The couple has welcomed three kids in less than five years, and Duggar is only 26. At such a young age, it’s very possible the two will welcome some more kids down the road. Plus, Duggar comes from a large family, so she knows what it’s like to have a bond with so many siblings and might want that for her own children. Several other Duggar women are expecting babies this year as well – Anna Duggar, Kendra Duggar, Joy Forsyth, and Lauren Swanson are all pregnant. It’s possible Jessa Duggar might even have baby fever again by the end of the year.

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