Jessa Duggar’s Fans Think She Just Publicly Embarrassed Her Child for Life

From funny moments on 19 Kids and Counting to cringeworthy Instagram posts, the Duggar family has been keeping our attention on reality TV and online for years. While it all began with stories from Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar regarding how they managed to raise 19 children, the kids have now grown and since stolen the spotlight. And Jessa Duggar, who’s now married to Ben Seewald and has two sons of her own, has become a fan favorite.

Jessa has a very active Instagram where she posts stories, photos, and videos of her young sons for all of her fans to see. It seems one recent post didn’t sit well with her followers, however. Here’s why her fans think her latest video is way too humiliating to put on the internet.

Jessa just posted this embarrassing video of her son to Instagram

Fans love how candid Jessa is with her followers, and that’s a fact. Thanks to Jessa’s Instagram, we get to hear all about what she’s doing with Ben, how she’s raising her sons Spurgeon and Henry, and any exciting Duggar family updates we would otherwise have to wait to hear about. Unfortunately, it seems Jessa doesn’t always hit the mark with her content. A recent video of her 3-year-old, Spurgeon, had fans seriously concerned.

Jessa posted a series of two videos — one was labeled “expectation,” and the other, “reality.” In the first, Jessa and Spurgeon explain it’s Spurgeon’s first day of potty training, and it seems there’s candy involved if he succeeds. Unfortunately, the second video shows what really happened. Jessa’s eldest son urinated all over himself, and she showed off his wet pants in a funny video. “So cute and comical, it’s hard not to laugh at his explanations!!” she captioned the post.

Fans are slamming her for putting the footage online

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Jessa surely never meant anything harmful by posting these videos, but her fans weren’t impressed by the content. As she further explained in the caption of her video, “We’re setting the 10-15 min timer and trying every time it goes off. We have nerds for prizes— 1 for trying, 2 for pee, 4 for poo. (love that they’re tiny, so not a sugar overload). Started this morning, but so far, we’ve had 3 accidents and nothing in the potty.” Unfortunately, her fans think such personal moments are better left off away from the public eye, as they could have serious consequences for Spurgeon later in life.

As one of her followers commented, “Your kid is going to be a grown up eventually and probably not appreciate the public eye seeing him wet his pants.” And another echoed the same sentiment by adding, “Can’t imagine the embarrassment of being an adult and there being evidence of my potty training accidents on the internet for friends, bosses, girlfriends to see.” Considering nothing on the internet can truly disappear forever, these concerns from her fans are definitely worth thinking about.

The mom is used to negative backlash for her parenting, however

Despite the negative comments, Jessa hasn’t taken the video down from her Instagram. If anything, the mom of two (soon to be three) is used to the public scrutinizing her parenting choices. Recently, Jessa came under fire for another Instagram post that showed Spurgeon hanging on to a shopping cart that her younger son, Henry, was sitting in. Fans thought the photo depicted dangerous activity between the children, but Jessa left that photo up on her page, too.

We can’t forget that the Duggar mom isn’t afraid to speak her mind when public ridicule is really getting to her, either. On an older photo of Spurgeon she posted to Instagram, she included a special message to her haters in the caption. “So there ya have it. If you are experiencing anxiety over this, please share all your wisdom and perfect parenting advice in the comments section below,” she sarcastically wrote.

While many of her followers hate on her parenting tactics, she still has plenty of fans who support whatever she chooses as a mom. At the end of the day, she’ll do what she wants despite what anybody else has to say about it, which is exactly why she has such a serious fan base. Go, Jessa!

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