Jessa Duggar’s Parenting Tips Help Her Relate To ‘Counting On’ Fans

Counting On star Jessa Duggar just gave birth to her third child – a daughter she named Ivy Jane – and the 26-year-old often shares the ups and downs of motherhood with her fans on social media. Jessa’s approach to parenting makes her stand out among her siblings because she knows she’s not perfect, and she is often the one asking for advice instead of giving it.

Jessa Duggar, husband Ben Seewald, and their two boys, Spurgeon and Henry
Jessa Duggar, husband Ben Seewald, and their two kids | Jessa Seewald via Instagram

Jessa and her husband, Ben Seewald, are the parents of Spurgeon, 3, Henry, 2, and newborn Ivy, and her parenting style is incredibly relatable. From piles of laundry to potty training, she puts it all out there for everyone to see – and sometimes she throws in a few tips while doing it.

You don’t have to do things just like your parents

When Jessa Duggar gave birth to Spurgeon back in 2016, she revealed that she wouldn’t be raising her children just like her mom Michelle raised her.

“I’m sure that as he continues to grow, I will find that I tend to do some things differently than my mom did,” said Jessa at the time.

Still, having a mom who gave birth to 19 children is a big help. Calling Michelle a “baby encyclopedia,” Jessa says that every time she feels overwhelmed and goes to her mom for advice, Michelle always encourages her and tells her she is doing a great job. Jessa says there’s no pressure to do things the exact same way.

Every kid is different

Jessa’s oldest son is now 3 years old, and she started potty training him earlier this spring. While many people thought that Jessa waited too long to potty train Spurgeon, Jessa said it took a little longer for him to get to the stage where they thought he would be successful.

“We’re not rushing it,” said Jessa.

When the time finally came, she was prepared with new underwear and Nerds candy as a reward, and on their first day, Jessa Duggar documented the expectations versus reality. In the expectations video, Jessa showed off all of the things she had prepared. In the video, Spurgeon was wearing light gray sweatpants, and it was obvious that he had had an accident.

“Started this morning, but so far, we’ve had three accidents and nothing in the potty,” wrote Jessa in the caption. She then asked her followers for their top tips for seated potty training.

Life with small children is messy

According to Baby Gaga, Jessa Duggar has a messy house, and she’s not afraid to show it. She has posted pics of piles of laundry, dirty diapers, toys everywhere, handprints on the mirror, and different areas of the home that she hasn’t dusted in months.

While she thought sharing pics of her reality would help other moms realize that life is messy when you have toddlers, she actually faced a lot of backlash. Some criticized her, saying her home was “disgusting” and slammed her for sharing those pictures on social media.

Money doesn’t equal happiness

When it comes to buying toys for your kids, it’s not necessary to drop a ton of cash to keep them occupied and happy. When Jessa Duggar had a successful trip to the thrift store spending only $14 on a toy backhoe, firetruck, loader, dump truck, and two kitchen ladles, she shared on Instagram that all of those things would occupy Spurgeon and Henry for hours.

Screens are OK in moderation

Jessa’s parents Jim Bob and Michelle have incredibly strict rules in their home. The kids aren’t allowed to watch TV or secular movies and social media is a no-no, so you will rarely see a Duggar kid sitting in front of a screen. The only exception is Christian movies and classic TV shows, but even that doesn’t happen very often.

Jessa, on the other hand, doesn’t mind a little screen time for her kids every once in a while. Sometimes, her little ones use her cell phone or laptop to watch a video because she needs the chance to get something else done.

Jessa Duggar has an incredibly laid-back approach to parenting. And, considering how strict of an upbringing she had, it’s pretty fun to watch her do her own thing.