Jessa Duggar’s Son Just Explained That God Created People to Have 2 Stomachs

We’ve learned a lot about the Duggars over the years thanks to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar putting their family on reality TV. And now, it’s their adult kids’ time to shine.

Jessa Duggar has a hefty Instagram and YouTube following thanks to her adorable children and relatable parenting techniques. And she frequently posts funny videos showing how her young children behave. It seems Spurgeon, Jessa and Ben Seewald’s 4-year-old son, is the most talkative. And he’s clearly listening to his religious teachings, too, as he created a hilarious theory on how he saves room for dessert at the end of the night. Here’s what Jessa posted him telling the camera.

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald encourage religion in their household

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Those who follow the Duggars know Jim Bob and Michelle encouraged an ultra-strict, religious upbringing. They’re devout independent Baptists, and this informs all of the decisions they make in life. Jim Bob and Michelle have talked at length via 19 Kids and Counting regarding why they dress modestly, don’t use birth control, and believe in courtships over casual dating. And it all has to do with their religious ways.

All of the Duggar kids incorporate religion into their own lives, too. While it seems Jessa and Ben aren’t nearly as strict as Jim Bob and Michelle, they’ve made it known they’re followers of Christ. And they’re already incorporating religion into their kids’ lives, too.

Back in August 2019, Jessa posted a video of her two sons, Spurgeon and Henry, singing hymns. And in the caption, she explained she also incorporates regular family devotions, scripture memory, and Bible stories for her little ones.

Jessa’s son, Spurgeon, gave his theory about 2 stomachs

Spurgeon’s quite the talker, and it looks like he now has his own theory on eating thanks to some of his religious teachings. Jessa posted a video of her oldest son on Feb. 21. And it seems he had a lot to say after he ate his dinner.

In the video, Jessa asks Spurgeon why he won’t eat any more chicken. And he explained that he has two stomachs. “My dinner stomach got full right here,” he explained, pointing to one side of his stomach. “And the other one is not,” he added while pointing to the other side.

“Oh, well actually we only have one stomach, but what you can say is ‘I need to save space for my dessert,'” Jessa corrected.

And to that, Spurgeon answered, “Actually, God made us like that. With two stomachs, God made us like that. He gave people two stomachs and dogs one stomach.”

Fans think Jessa’s children are talkative and smart

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Jessa’s video is hilarious, and it certainly shows Spurgeon’s funny personality. While his theory about the two stomachs might be factually wrong, he’s clearly very smart for his age. And Jessa’s followers are also picking up on how quick-witted Spurgeon is turning out to be.

“I still can’t get over him taking so much!” one of Jessa’s followers commented on the video.

“That is so adorable. So smart, I wish it were true so we could always have room for dessert,” another noted.

“He sounds so mature and old!” yet another wrote.

While Spurgeon is clearly the extrovert of Jessa’s kids, she’s teaching them well. Henry, her 2-year-old son, did have some speech delays. But Today reports Jessa noted he’s catching up to where he needs to be. As for Ivy, she’s much too young to be talking. But we imagine she gets tons of love from her two older brothers, and they’ll get her involved in all of their antics in no time!

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