Jessica Alba Seeks Bloody Revenge in New ‘Sin City 2′ Trailer

Comic book author Frank Miller and director Robert Rodriguez drummed up excitement for the sequel to Sin City at Comic-Con over the weekend, screening some never-before-seen footage at the convention and then releasing a new trailer heavy on the girls and guns.

The sequel, Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For, has been nine years in the making since the original, groundbreaking Sin City that won prizes for its inventive green screen work. The new trailer reveals more of those stunning, stylized visuals that help bring Miller’s dark underworld to life.

Rodriguez and Miller have enjoyed collaborating on these films so much that they’re already planning the third. “Robert and I are already talking about Sin City 3. so you’d better show up to 2,” Miller told the crowd at the Sin City panel, per Deadline. Rodriguez also spoke about how his proposal to forgo studios and pursue the film independently was the only way Miller would agree to allowing Sin City to be adapted. Otherwise, “he wouldn’t have done it. It was his baby.”

The female characters take the center stage in the new trailer, with Jessica Alba reprising her role as bitter stripper Nancy Callahan and Rosario Dawson also returning as the hardboiled vigilante member of the law enforcement from Sin City’s prostitute-run district known as Old Town. Eva Green, who stirred up controversy with her bared breasts in one of the film’s posters, is the seductive temptress Ava Lord. Lady Gaga even makes an appearance as the waitress Bertha.

“Nancy was so sweet and she was a victim in the first one, and in this one people will be pleasantly surprised to see her turn into a warrior,” Alba said at the panel, per The Guardian. The trailer reveals the rougher side of her character as she seeks to take revenge on the corrupt Roark family for the death of her rescuer and lover John Hartigan, played by Bruce Willis in the first film.

Mickey Rourke returns as the protagonist Marv, who sets out to help his friend Dwight (Josh Brolin) rescue his former lover Ava Lord, as Marv knows a thing or two about avenging women who’ve been wronged. That’s just one of several story lines from the comic series that will be woven into the movie.

At the Comic-Con panel, Rodriguez said that the techniques involving green screen and the actors’ knowledge of what they were getting into improved the performances in the second film vastly. “The first film was very early for green screen,” the director said, per The Guardian. “People knew what they were going to do this time. The performances are 10 times, 100 times better.”

The innovative visual techniques used by Rodriguez in the films make the movie look like the black-and-white comic strip with the occasional pop of highly saturated color, like red for Ava’s lips and green for her eyes. Those innovations won the first Sin City the technical grand prize at Cannes back in 2005, and Rodriguez honed the technique with new technology the second time around.

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