‘Jessica Jones’: 3 New Rumors About Season 2

After earning critical acclaim in its freshman season, Marvel’s Jessica Jones is set to return for Season 2 in 2018. Though an exact premiere date has yet to be confirmed, that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating over what might take place in the show’s sophomore season — including new potential villains and one character’s possible transformation into another Marvel hero. Here’s a look at three of the latest rumors surrounding Jessica Jones’s upcoming Season 2.

1. Luke Cage might return

Luke Cage in Jessica Jones on Netflix

Luke Cage and Jessica Jones | Netflix

Luke Cage is now the star of his own Harlem-set series, but he made his initial debut in Hell’s Kitchen in Season 1 of Jessica Jones. So will he be back this time around? Considering the two had some great chemistry in the series’ freshman season, fans have been speculating whether actor Mike Colter will once again serve as an ally to Krysten Ritter’s Jessica in Season 2.

It seems like the possibility isn’t totally off the table, according to showrunner Melissa Rosenberg. Though she acknowledges that she and Luke Cage creator, Cheo Hodari Coker haven’t had much of a chance to talk, the two do find ways to stay informed on each other’s characters. As she explained to The Hollywood Reporter:

[Coker and I] pass each other in the hall all the time and say hello. But I also have, in my second season, one of the writers on Luke Cage, so in terms of moving forward with what has happened in Luke’s story, with season two, not that that’s as relevant to Jessica’s story this season. But it’s all connected and it’s all very important. So Cheo and I haven’t had a lot of face time, but we’ve passed each other in this.

That being said, if Cage does show up in Season 2, viewers should not expect him to be as consistent of a presence as he was in Season 1. Rosenberg herself more or less confirmed this, saying, “The thing I’m most sad about is to not work with Mike Colter every day. That was a really great collaboration, and Krysten and Mike had a real special bond and chemistry. We’ll miss him in that regard.”

2. There may be multiple bad guys

Will Simpson aka Nuke in Jessica Jones | Netflix

Will Simpson aka Nuke in Jessica Jones | Netflix

Season 1 focused on one primary antagonist: mind-controlling villain, Kilgrave (played excellently by David Tennant). The evil character was a huge hit with fans and critics alike, providing just the right amount of formidable foe to Jessica in her introductory season. So how could they possibly top him in Season 2?

Rosenberg recently hinted that her plan is to incorporate multiple villains into the next season. “Or antagonists, plural. No one is ever going to beat David Tennant as Kilgrave, so you don’t do that,” she told Entertainment Weekly of the possible new antagonist. “The biggest mistake would be to try to repeat that. You just go, ‘OK, we’re not doing that, so we have this open to us.'”

Though she refused to elaborate on who exactly those villains may be, it hasn’t stopped audiences from speculating. One possible antagonist for Season 2 is Will Simpson aka Nuke (played by Wil Traval), whose backstory and relationship to Jessica was set up in Season 1.

3. Trish Walker may become Hellcat

Trish Walker in Jessica Jones

Trish Walker in Jessica Jones | Netflix

We’ve long since known that Jessica’s best friend, Trish, is expected to eventually transform into Marvel’s Hellcat. The question is, will it happen next season? Rachael Taylor, the actress who plays Trish, certainly seems eager for the transformation. As she told CBR News in early 2016:

I mean, I try not to get ahead of myself and think about it too much, because it’s easy to get carried away and think about things. I already feel like I have more than my share, in a way, being on Netflix, being in the Marvel Universe, being in this show that has resonated so deeply with people. But of course, I mean, it would be amazing. I mean, it’s already a privilege to play a history that has so much lineage within the Marvel Universe. And to take it that one step further is something that, yeah, I’d love to get my teeth stuck into whatever happens to the character.

It remains to be seen whether she’ll get the chance. Rosenberg is, of course, staying mum on the potential transformation, but she did recently hint that Trish will have an even bigger role in the coming season than she did in Season 1.

“I’m interested in continuing to explore the relationship between Trish and Jessica,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “That is the core relationship in the piece. It is about female friendship, it is about how friends evolve — they’re sisters, really — and it’s about how they evolve and ping off each other.”

Rosenberg also suggested that the show will place a little more focus on its secondary characters in Season 2. “Krysten can’t do everything. Writing a scene or two in an episode without her in it is important,” she said, per The Hollywood Reporter. “She was working eight days a week, and that’s not sustainable either.”

It’s clear that Trish will have some important storylines next season, but whether or not she will officially become Hellcat is still up in the air.

Jessica Jones is expected to return to Netflix sometime in 2018, following the freshman season of The Defenders.

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