Jill Dillard Tackles the Kitchen: Four Recipes That You Probably Don’t Want to Try

Now that Jill and Derick have been ousted by TLC, the mother of two has taken up blogging. On the family’s blog, she shares recipes and stories from her home life and even her childhood. While her blog is undoubtedly creating a passive income for the family, readers have been throwing shade at Jill’s most recent recipes. While the Duggar family has never been known for their culinary chops, some of Jill’s concoctions are downright disturbing.

Jill’s take on pizza

Jill Dillard stopped parenting and homemaking for a few minutes to share her favorite quick pizza recipe. She tells her blog audience that her kids, Israel, 3 and Sam, 18 months, both love pizza, and specifically enjoy what she calls “poor man’s pizza” since they can customize it to their liking.

Poor man’s pizza includes utilizing either white bread or tortillas as pizza crust and covering them with the cheapest pasta sauce available. The whole thing is then topped with cheese and zapped in the microwave for a quick dinner. Anyone who has ever had a slice of dollar pizza knows that white bread doesn’t need to be used to get a cheap pizza made. It doesn’t matter how much pasta sauce you cover it in; sandwich bread will never taste like pizza crust.

Jill is in the kitchen mixing tuna with barbeque sauce

This week Jill regaled her blogging audience with a tale from her childhood. Apparently, way back when the Duggar family was a modest family of nine, Michelle took off for a conference and left Jim Bob at the stove. The family patriarch took a can of tuna and mixed it with barbeque sauce, then slapped the whole mess onto sandwich bread.

Probably delirious from malnutrition, the Duggar kids loved it, and it remains on the menu to this day. Canned tuna fish is a polarizing food in the best of circumstances, but when you start putting BBQ sauce on it, all bets are off.

Jill notes that you don’t need to make a sandwich with this take on tuna salad, saltines will work, too. While her kids seem to like it, readers think it looks like cat food, according to Ok! Magazine.

Jill borrows the Keller’s classic “chicken-etti” recipe

Anyone who has watched the Duggars from the beginning will remember when Joshua met Anna. To seal their courtship, the blushing 20-something made a meal her family calls “chicken-etti.” The pasta dish includes the use of cream of chicken soup, Velveeta cheese, milk, green chilis, tomatoes, and shredded chicken.

While this particular meal doesn’t look too bad, there is an awful lot of dairy being mixed together to turn spaghetti into something that only vaguely resembles a pasta dish. Jill notes you can spice this one up with some extra chilis if you are so inclined.

Jill’s pot roast needs a little help

Jill recently blogged about the wonder of pot roast. She noted that the meal is undoubtedly perfect for a chilly Sunday afternoon, and the slow cooker makes putting pot roast together a breeze. The woman is not wrong about that, pot roast can be delicious, but Jill’s particular take on the culinary delight have some readers questioning her produce choices.

Jill shared a photo of her yet-to-be-cooked meal, and readers offered a side eye at her carrots that looked rotten and the potatoes that were whole and clearly unwashed, according to In Touch. With two youngsters in the house, rotten produce belongs in the trash can, not the Crock-Pot.

Does Jill Dillard have a good recipe buried in her blog?

While some of Jill’s recipes are suspect at best, there are a few on the family’s blog that do look edible. In fact, some of the baked goods offered on the blog look downright delicious. It stands to reason that there would be a delightful dish hidden in there somewhere. This is the family that brought the world tater tot casserole, after all.