Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard Might Actually Encourage Their Kids to Go to College

When it comes to a family that’s constantly the center of major conversion, the Duggars immediately come to mind. Fans have kept up with Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar since they first appeared with their 19 kids on TV — and now, those two are out of the spotlight while their older kids take center stage. And Jill Duggar is amongst the most popular of the group, as she used to appear on TLC’s Counting On with her siblings and her controversial husband, Derick Dillard.

Jill and Derick are no longer on the show, but they still have a serious following on social media. Thanks to Instagram, fans get to see exactly how they’re raising their kids, too — and it seems like they may be encouraging higher education as their children age.

Jill and Derick utilize the controversial homeschooling program the Duggars grew up with

It’s no secret that the Duggars were homeschooled as kids, and none of the women went for higher education. The homeschooling program they used was incredibly controversial, as Michelle and Jim Bob taught the Advanced Training Institute curriculum. In Touch Weekly notes the program is described as a “Biblically-based home education program for families who desire to raise up sons and daughters who are ‘mighty in Spirit’ and able to impact the world for Jesus Christ.” Many who know the curriculum view it as cult-like, however, and it’s been ripped apart by fans of the Duggars for years.

As for Jill, she’s also made it clear she’s using ATI to teach her little ones. She also credits her mom for leading her on a righteous path and instilling the same faith in her that she intends to give right back to her own kids. “My momma taught me the importance of instilling scripture into the hearts and minds of your young children,” Jill revealed in a blog post.

Derick attends law school now — and Jill even sits in on classes

Derick also comes from an ultra-religious background, and he’s all for the ATI’s teachings. Unlike the Duggars, however, he’s currently going for a degree in law school. In Touch Weekly reports he attends the School of Law at the University of Arkansas — and he also frequently posts about his schooling on Instagram.

Not only that, but there have been occasions where Jill has also joined him in class. We know that Jill isn’t enrolled in school, but it’s encouraging for followers to see that she’s supportive of his dreams of becoming a lawyer and perhaps may even instill these beliefs in her own kids. As Derick captioned his Instagram post, “Glad my favorite study buddy @jillmdillard was able to come to class yesterday! You’ve gotta find alone time (no kids) whenever you can!”

Derick has said his kids will get an opportunity to go to college

To everyone’s surprise, Derick has actually come right out and said he’d love for his sons to go to college. On Twitter, one of his followers asked, “Will your boys ever get the chance to go to college?” and expected the father of two to say no or perhaps not answer at all. But Derick did indeed answer — and he gave an affirmative yes. “Absolutely!” he wrote back, “As long as the school color isn’t red with a wagon mascot lol jk.”

It is important to note that the user added “sons” in the question specifically. While Jill and Derick only have two little boys now, it may be a different answer if they ever have any girls. Additionally, Derick and Jill may choose to go with a program known as CollegePlus for their kids. In Touch Weekly notes Michelle Duggar said that this “distance learning program” is what many of her own children used to continue their education, though it didn’t actually require them leaving the home for their degree. It’s also quite a bit cheaper than traditional university, too, which made it more accessible for the Duggar clan.

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