Jill Duggar and Her Kids Are Getting Ready for Christmas By Watching Some Classic Holiday Movies

Christmas is right around the corner, and Jill Duggar is ready for it. The former Counting On star has her house all decorated and is preparing to celebrate the holiday in her new home. The tree is up, the stockings are hung, and the wreath is on the door. Now, she and her kids are relaxing a bit by indulging in a common holiday tradition: curling up on the couch to watch some Christmas movies while eating cookies. 

Christmas cookies and movies  

Jill’s husband Derick Dillard is in law school, and one night when he was on stuck on campus, she and her two sons, Israel, 4, and Samuel, 2, decided to have some fun. 

“Derick is at school late so the boys and I watched some Christmas movies, had ice cream, popcorn and now we’re making homemade oatmeal cookies (with sprinkles of course lol),” she wrote.

The mom of two included a link to the recipe for the family-favorite oatmeal cookies on her blog. She also shared which holiday movies she watched with her kids. 

“Tonight we watched the old Frosty the Snowman and Charlie Brown Christmas ☺️” she wrote in response to someone’s comment on the post. 

Jill’s celebrating Christmas in her own way

still from Frosty The Snowman
Still from the 1969 animated television Christmas special Frosty The Snowman | CBS/Courtesy of Getty Images

Jill’s choices of holiday movies aren’t too out there for most people. But given that her family tended to avoid watching secular movies and TV when she was growing up, some might find it surprising that she let her kids watch two mainstream Christmas specials — especially one that involves magic bringing a snowman to life. After all, she and her sisters wrote in their 2014 book Growing Up Duggar that as kids, their parents were careful about exposing them to movies or television that featured magic

“Magic, sorcery, witches, spell-casting and the like are all part of a demonic realm that God wants us to stay away from,” they wrote. 

As an adult, Jill has apparently decided to take a less strict stance with her own kids. 

At least one follower approved of Jill’s choices, writing, “You still live a Christian life but you all don’t deprive your children of childhood experiences.”

Is Jill breaking with her family? 

Jill Duggar
Jill Duggar | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

As Jill prepares for Christmas in her own way, some Counting On fans are wondering if a suspected rift between her and her parents is growing larger. The 28-year-old hasn’t appeared on the past couple seasons of her family’s show after her husband made offensive remarks about transgender teen and fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings. 

While Jill has said that her family stepped away because filming was “too much,” Derick has hinted that the real reason they left the show is financial. Specifically, he’s made remarks on social media implying that Jill’s dad Jim Bob Duggar controls who gets the money that comes in from the show. 

This Thanksgiving, Jill and Derick didn’t celebrate with her family, fueling rumors of a break. However, several other adult Duggar kids spent the day with their in-laws, so that’s not necessarily proof of a feud. But Derick has mentioned that he’s working on a tell-all book about the Duggars. If that ever sees the light of day, it seems like Jill would be forced to choose sides between her husband and her parents.