Did Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard Just Shut Down Divorce Rumors?

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard, former stars of TLC’s Counting On, have been married since 2014. However, fans have suspected that things may not be so smooth between the couple. Yet Duggar’s recent blog post on the family website has some thinking they may be doing alright after all.

Derick Dillard, Jill Duggar, and their two kids

Derick Dillard, Jill Duggar, and their two kids | Derick Dillard via Instagram

Duggar and Dillard tied the knot toward the end of ’19 Kids and Counting’

Duggar was the first of the Duggar daughters to get married, so the event was huge for the family. She and Dillard met through Jim Bob Duggar, her father, and it wasn’t long before they began courting. Duggar and Dillard spoke for a few weeks, then Duggar accompanied her father on a trip to Nepal to meet Dillard for the first time. While on the trip, Dillard asked to begin courting her. The two were not engaged for long and wed just a few months later. Now, the couple has been married for more than four years, but for a while, fans have suspected things haven’t been going well.

The two starred in ‘Counting On’ before Dillard was allegedly fired from the show

After 19 Kids and Counting was canceled on TLC back in 2015 due to Josh Duggar’s sexual abuse scandal, the Duggar daughters went on to star in their own show, Counting On. Duggar and Dillard were a big part of the show, and the two traveled to South America to do missionary work and help teach others about God. However, in both 2017 and 2018, Dillard made negative comments toward another TLC star, Jazz Jennings. Dillard commented on the life Jennings has chosen to live (she is transgender), and the comments didn’t go over well with fans or producers. Dillard was allegedly fired from the show. But he countered back at the rumors and said his family chose to leave the show on their own terms.

It didn’t take long for divorce rumors to start

Things haven’t been going too well for the couple. Not only did Dillard’s controversial comments end the couple’s income from the show, but fans began to question where the money from the couple’s missionary charity, which enabled them to do work in South America, was actually going. Eventually, the donations began slowing down, and soon after, the charity folded completely. There was speculation that after leaving the show, the family hit financial trouble. Now, Dillard is enrolled in law school. But these problems that have arisen for the couple recently have sparked rumors that Duggar is not happy in her marriage.

But the recent trip the couple took has us all thinking things may be fine after all

Just when the divorce rumors were starting to fly (although we have to suspect that the Duggar family’s strong religious values would prohibit divorce), Duggar wrote a blog post about her much needed alone time with Dillard on a recent trip the two took. The couple took a quick getaway to Missouri, where they stayed in a bed and breakfast and did a few fun things together now that Dillard was done with finals. It appeared the two had a great time, and it’s possible that they were trying to squash everyone’s assumptions that things weren’t going well with them. Duggar posted photos of the two from her family’s blog, where they appeared to be truly enjoying each other’s company. It may have been her way of saying the two are staying together, despite what the public has been thinking.

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