Jill Duggar Just Celebrated Derick Dillard’s First Year of Law School in An Adorable Way

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard get a lot of flak for some of the decisions they make for their family. Dillard put himself in hot water and got his family kicked off the TLC show Counting On, and Duggar can’t seem to win with her followers when it comes to her parenting techniques. But the two still found a great reason to celebrate: Dillard just completed his first year of law school.

Jill Duggar Derick Dillard
Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Dillard has been in school for the past year, and not all fans have been supportive

Although Dillard looks to be taking his life in a positive direction, not all fans have been supportive of his law school endeavor. Dillard posted negative tweets about various TLC stars back in 2017, which landed him in trouble with the network. He was ultimately fired from the show, and a lot of fans didn’t see eye to eye with his staunchly religious views. Since then, he hasn’t been very welcome by the Counting On fan base. Plus, Dillard and Duggar collected money for mission trips, and their charity folded shortly after, leading people to wonder where all of the money went.

Duggar’s Instagram posts often result in negative comments from fans

Duggar has gotten some negative feedback from fans as well; overall, the couple arguably sees the most hate from fans out of any of the Duggar families. Duggar often posts photos on Instagram that reflect her lifestyle, such as the recipes her mother cooked growing up and the homeschooling curriculum she uses for her sons. But fans often use Duggar’s posts as a way to put her down. One recipe she posted prompted some fans to ask if she was food insecure; a homeschool post led some to question why she thought she was more qualified than a teacher. While Duggar and Dillard to have plenty of fans, they definitely get plenty of hate, too.

Duggar and Dillard celebrated his first year of law school with a family pizza party

Dillard posted an exciting photo to her Instagram account this week; Dillard had just finished his first year of law school, and they were celebrating with a family pizza party. “This guy just finished his first year of law school today!!” Duggar wrote on Instagram. “… Pizza party to celebrate.” Duggar also posted the pizza recipe she used. There were many congratulatory comments, but there were still some negative ones in the bunch. “… A man so bigoted should not even be allowed to practice law,” one user wrote. “Westboro looks forward to his graduation,” wrote another. Despite the negativity, the family was clearly very proud of Dillard and excited to celebrate the milestone. The kids were enjoying the pizza, and it seemed like a happy family moment.

The couple also recently announced they built a brand new home

In addition to Dillard completing his first year of law school, the couple also just built a brand new home. However, there were plenty of questions that surrounded the new home, with many people wondering how either of them could afford a new home when neither of them work. Regardless, Duggar and Dillard were proud to show off their new abode, and it looks like they’ve had a lot to celebrate this year. Some even think that Duggar could be the next one to announce a pregnancy.

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