Jill Duggar Once Again Made Note of Her Love for Store Freebies After Getting Free Coffee Despite Past Backlash

Jill Duggar’s come a long way over the years. Her husband, Derick Dillard, made it known that Jill rarely sees her famous family anymore. And the couple is no longer featured on Counting On, too.

That doesn’t mean Jill and Derick have completely removed themselves from the spotlight, though. And they still get plenty of fan critique. Recently, Jill mentioned she got some coffee for free — and it reminds us of the other times she’s talked about all her favorite store freebies. Here’s what’s happened.

Jill Duggar’s posted about getting store freebies in the past

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The Duggars love to get thrifty, and they made this known on TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting years ago. Since Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar raised 19 kids, they didn’t have the funds to purchase whatever they wanted with no budget. The parents abided by a strict grocery budget, and the kids got used to wearing hand-me-downs and shopping for clothing strictly from thrift stores.

It looks like Jill’s taking some thrifty ideas of her own. The Duggars made it known they adore Chick-Fil-A, and Jill’s no different. She took her family to the fast food joint back in 2018 for a free meal on Cow Appreciation Day. The only catch is that she, Derick, and the kids had to dress up as cows.

Then, in June 2019, Jill posted photos of her family enjoying free Krispy Kreme donuts for National Donut Day. And for Halloween in 2019, the family dressed up once again for more free and discounted treats. Jill explained she and Derick hit up Sonic, Chipotle, and Krispy Kreme that night in costume.

Not everyone’s happy about Jill’s desire to attain free items

There’s nothing wrong with scoring a sweet deal when they’re available — and it looks like Jill and Derick planned these outings so they could get the best deals possible. Unfortunately, they’ve certainly got some flack from the free food over the years.

“Take the poor kids out trick or treating for some real fun, not just so you can get ‘freebies,'” one follower wrote on Jill’s Halloween post.

“Did you buy anything?” another questioned on the Krispy Kreme post. “I’m all for freebies – but at least buy a coffee or something. It’s annoyingly when you, your family, and extended family take advantage of these places and ruin it for the rest of us.”

She recently posted about her free coffee to Instagram

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Despite some backlash of the past, it hasn’t stopped Jill from going out for more freebies when they’re available. She posted a photo on Sept. 10 that showed her and Derick going out for some coffee — and she mentioned that she got the beverage for free.

“Morning coffee date with my hubby @derickdillard (& Sam tagging along too,” she captioned the post. “Even better that it was free this time.”

So, was there a special deal Jill was able to capitalize on? It doesn’t seem so, as she then added that she “had a couple coupons … sorry, local people … no current deals that I’m aware of.”

Not only did Jill mention that the coffee was free, but she also added a snarky comment regarding what she’s drinking since many were shocked she admitted to drinking alcohol in a previous post. “Oh, and since it seems y’all are interested in my choice of drinks recently (lol recent post) … yes, this was a REGULAR coffee (I.e. full caf) white chocolate mocha with coconut milk,” she snarked.

We’re sure this certainly isn’t the last post about a free item Jill was able to get — and she clearly isn’t deterred by the backlash!

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