Jill Duggar’s Recent Family Photo Has Fans Seriously Concerned For Her Kids’ Safety

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard often come under fire for the way they parent their kids. Some fans take issue with their intensely conservative lifestyle, while others dislike their homeschooling, eating habits, and more. While most of this is only opinion-based, the Duggars’ recent family photo has fans seriously concerned for the kids’ safety, too.

Jill Duggar Derick Dillard
Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Duggar and Dillard can’t win with fans

It seems that whatever Duggar and Dillard do to raise their kids, everyone has a problem with it. When Duggar posted a photo about the homeschooling curriculum she uses for her children, people disagreed with the idea that she thinks she is qualified to teach the kids better than a teacher. Whenever Duggar posts a photo of a meal or snack she’s made for her kids, fans are quick to comment on how much the dish disgusts them. One post even prompted some to ask if Duggar was raised with food security issues. No matter what the Dillards do, fans are critics, and when it comes to Derick Dillard’s recent family photo, people had plenty to say.

Dillard posted a photo of the family at Sonic, and fans were quick to criticize

Dillard and Duggar like to treat their kids whenever they can. The Duggars notoriously don’t have the best eating habits, but with that aside, fans were actually disappointed about a few things in the photo. Some fans once again questioned why Dillard still has braces. Others asked why they don’t keep the Sabbath, since they’re such a conservative Christian family (the photo was posted on a Sunday). Others slammed them for teaching their kids unhealthy eating habits. But what it really came down to was the way the family had positioned their son’s car seat.

Fans were up in arms over Samuel and Israel Dillard’s car seats.

People had a difficult time with the way the Duggars’ car seats were positioned

In the background of the photo, the Dillard’s younger son, Samuel, can be seen facing forward in his car seat. Naturally, it didn’t take long for Instagram users to freak out about the way the couple has positioned the toddler’s seat. “Please fix the carseats!!!!!” one fan commented; dozens of people liked the comment. “I’m curious why no one is saying anything to Derrick [sic] about the car seat and corn dog,” another user wrote. “… What kind of parents are these? Ridiculous,” said someone else. People came to Duggar and Dillard’s defense, saying the parents were clearly parked. However, it didn’t stop people from wondering why someone would face the car seat toward the front instead of the back.

Duggar and Dillard have a different way of parenting that most people don’t agree with

While the Dillards do have fans, people are very quick to pick on them. But one thing people need to realize is that the Dillards have a different way of parenting than most people. While something such as a car seat is more inexcusable, people tend to get angry with almost every decision Jill Duggar makes, as if anyone is actually a perfect parent. No parent is perfect, and the Dillards do things very differently from most American families; their Instagram followers just need to understand that.

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