Jill Duggar Shares a Photo of Her Kids Eating Dinner, and Mom-Shamers Weigh In

Summer is coming to an end, but Jill Duggar isn’t quite ready to say goodbye to warm weather and outdoor living. On Sunday, she shared an image of her family enjoying their dinner outside on their patio. Jill, her husband Derick Dillard, and their two kids chowed down on sloppy joes, chips, and guacamole. 

“Nice weather calls for dinner outside,” the former Counting On star wrote on her Instagram story. But some people on social media found something to criticize in the happy scene. 

‘Counting On’ fans don’t agree with Jill’s parenting decisions 

Jill regularly gets slammed on social media for her parenting decisions. Recently, people took issue with the way she handled her family’s car trouble, criticizing her for forcing her kids to sit next to a broken window in the backseat of the family’s minivan. 

Others have questions about her choice to homeschool her kids and have fretted about her son’s dental health. And then there’s the food she feeds her family. 

People hate the way Jill cooks 

As a member of a massive family, Jill grew up eating a lot of budget-friendly meals that were easy to prepare for a crowd, like tater tot casserole or chicken on the Ritz. As an adult with her own kids, she’s continued to make some of those meals. But those dishes aren’t necessarily the healthiest, as plenty of people have pointed out. 

Whenever she shares a recipe, the culinary critics come out of the woodwork. “Looks very high in fat, high cholesterol, and also high in carbs,” wrote one person when Jill posted about her broccoli rice casserole. 

“I’m continuously surprised how much processed food your family promotes. :(,” another person commented on a post for dish that called for two cans of cream of mushroom soup. 

Even when she cooks with fresh whole foods, people tend to find fault. When she shared a recipe for herbed potatoes, commenters on Instagram were quick to point out that she should have cut up the potatoes before putting them in the oven. 

Jill recipe for sloppy joes has also come in for criticism. “Imagine thinking adding tomato and bbq sauce + a packet of flavouring is a recipe worth sharing,” wrote one person when she posted the recipe earlier this year.  

Some think Jill’s son is too old to be wearing a bib 

Sloppy joe on a plate
Sloppy joes | Ken Hively/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Unsurprisingly, when Jill posted about her family’s meal, a few people zeroed in on the recipe. One suggested she add grated zucchini and carrot to “bump up the nutrition content” of the dish. But others were less concerned with what she was feeding her kids than with the way she was feeding them. Specifically, they didn’t approve of the bibs she’d given her kids to wear to help catch the food mess. 

“Jill, I have a lot of respect for you & your choices. There is one thing that just drives me nuts!! It is those stinking bibs. Israel is waaay to big,” commented one person. Jill’s son Israel is four and her son Samuel is two.

This isn’t the first time that Jill’s use of bibs had come under fire. “Your older son should not be wearing a bib sorry to say that,” a commenter wrote when she posted a photo of Samuel’s birthday celebration. 

“I’m a Child Development Specialist and I find it odd for a kid that age to have a bib like that,” added another. 

However, on her most recent post, Jill’s fans were quick to defend her from mom-shamers. They pointed out that bibs were practical when eating certain foods and helped cut down on laundry. Others noted that even adults occasionally wear bibs when eating, so it was harsh to judge Jill for using them when her two kids were eating a pretty messy meal. 

“I’m 43 and I need a bib sometimes for sloppy joes. Let it go,” one wrote.