Jill Duggar Told Her Instagram Followers She’s Having Fast Food on Christmas Eve

We’ve been keeping up with the Duggars long enough to know they’re serious about religion and family time — and that means the holidays are no joke. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar brought their 19 children into the public eye over a decade ago. And we’ve been watching to see what the Duggars are doing for Christmas for years. Now, it’s Jim Bob and Michelle’s adult kids who are in the spotlight — and we’re particularly curious about Jill Duggar.

Jill and her husband, Derick Dillard, aren’t featured on Counting On, but they have a serious Instagram presence where they keep their fans apprised with what’s going on in their lives. Jill just shared what she’s eating on Christmas Eve, too — and it’s definitely not typical.

The Duggars are all prepping for their holiday celebrations

It’s a busy time for the Duggars, as they’re all busily prepping for Christmas, a holiday they take super seriously. Anna Duggar, Josh Duggar’s wife, already showed that the family had their annual ugly sweater Christmas party right after Thanksgiving. And now, we’re seeing on the Duggar Family Instagram that the kids who still live under Jim Bob and Michelle’s roof are working on Christmas crafts of their own.

The Duggar Family Instagram posted a video and photos of the kids making ornaments out of dough. “A few days ago we had a fun afternoon making salt dough ornaments!” the family captioned their Instagram post.

Not only that, but the huge Arkansas home is also decked out with lights. Jana Duggar, who’s 29 years old and still living at home, strung up lights, hung garland and bows, and put out a huge nativity scene in the yard. “Finishing up with the last of the Christmas decorating!! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!” she captioned her post.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard already decked out their home for Christmas

There are plenty of rumors swirling that Jill, Derick, and their two kids, Israel and Samuel, aren’t on good terms with the other Duggars. It seems Derick’s dismissal from Counting On may have put him at odds with Jim Bob and Michelle. And the Dillards didn’t have Thanksgiving with the other Duggars. Instead, Jill and Derick opted for a “Friendsgiving” celebration, which sparked controversy amongst fans.

We’re not sure if Jill, Derick, or their kids will be making an appearance at the huge Duggar home for Christmas or New Year’s. But they’re already showing off their home, which they took a ton of time to decorate.

“We were so excited to finally put up our Christmas decorations for the first time in our new home!” Jill wrote on the Dillard Family blog. And she included photos of the lights outside of her home, the wreaths on all of her windows, and the kid-friendly holiday crafts her kids made.

Jill told her followers she’s having Chick-Fil-A on Christmas Eve

Jill Duggar's Instagram Story about Christmas Eve
Jill Duggar’s Instagram Story about Christmas Eve | Jill Dillard via Instagram Story

It looks like Jill and Derick will be attending a candlelight service at their church for Christmas Eve, which is to be expected. Aside from that, Jill’s also letting her followers know what she’s eating the day before Christmas on her Instagram Story.

“It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood when your (mostly) vegan friend delivers @chickfila to your door on Christmas Eve!” Jill captioned her Story that included a photo of her, Derick, and her kids chowing down on the fast food. “Thanks @rachelvirden for blessing us and celebrating Derick’s halfway milestone with us!”

Christmas Eve also marks Derick’s halfway point through grad school — but Chick-fil-A during the holidays is certainly unconventional. We shouldn’t be too surprised, however. The Duggars adore Chick-fil-A, and Jill has posted about her love of the restaurant to Instagram more than once.

“I think Chick-fil-A WILL be in heaven!” Jill captioned an Instagram post back in February 2015.

We’re sure the fast-food giant is happy to see Jill is still happy with their chicken over the years. While we didn’t expect Jill to be eating Chick-fil-A on Christmas Eve, we’re sure we’ll see more traditional fare from her on Christmas Day.

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