Jill Duggar’s Followers Are Begging Her to Get Her Son a Bigger Bicycle After Her Instagram Photo

There are plenty of controversial members of the Duggar family, but Jill Duggar and her husband, Derick Dillard, have taken over the spotlight. Derick called out the Duggars, namely Jim Bob, on his Instagram around the 2019 holidays for treating Jill unfairly. Now, fans are begging Derick to come out with a tell-all book, and we’re all anxiously awaiting any more details he wants to divulge.

As for Jill, she doesn’t post content that’s nearly as inflammatory. Instead, she opts for posts about what her two sons, Israel and Samuel, are up to, as well as recipes, what she’s doing with her home, and how she spends her date nights. She’s not immune to criticism either, of course. And a recent Instagram post showing Israel learning how to ride a bike totally backfired. Here’s what happened.

Jill Duggar is constantly slammed for her parenting

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Love cuddles from our babies!

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Many of Jim Bob and Michelle’s older kids have families of their own. And since they’re all posting what’s going on in their lives to Instagram, many of their followers insert their own opinions. Unfortunately, for Jill and Derick, this means they’ve been getting hate from their followers for years.

Back before Jill and Derick had their second son, Samuel, they took Israel to El Salvador while they did missionary work. But fans slammed them for traveling for such work without being licensed missionaries. And they also weren’t happy that they brought Israel, as Zika virus warnings ran rampant at the time.

Aside from that, Jill is often slammed for her little parenting tips and tricks she shows her Instagram followers. She posted “parenting prayers” that included anti-transgender sentiments. And Derick once said he was “training” his kids by getting them to mop, which had some followers outraged.

She posted videos of her son, Israel, learning to ride a bike

Despite the backlash, Jill still shows her everyday life to her Instagram followers. And on Feb. 3, she posted a photo of Israel learning to ride his bicycle without training wheels on.

“Enjoying the lovely weather and we took the training wheels off Israel’s bike! He’s practicing and doing great!!” Jill captioned the post. “We also took a break to dig in the dirt.”

Not only that, but Jill gave her followers an even closer look at Israel learning how to ride his bicycle on her Instagram Story. Her Story shows her sitting with Samuel as they eat apples in front of the house. And Israel is on his bicycle trying to ride up and down the small driveway.

“Getting better,” Jill says as she pans the camera from her and Sam to Israel riding down the driveway.

Some fans think his bike is too small

Jill seems happy with Israel’s progress on his bike, but some of her followers think he needs better equipment to succeed.

“The bike is too small for him,” one follower noted. “Will be easier with a bigger bike.”

Another wrote, “Listen carefully in the video of Israel riding his bike. Jill knows his bike is small and that he needs a bigger one.”

Yet another added, “I think he did great but needs a bigger bike.”

An even snarkier follower made a note about Israel still wearing a bib when he eats, too. “No training wheels…but still a bib.”

While Jill sometimes responds to her followers, she has a tendency to let them comment negatively if they want without any interference. And other followers came to her defense, as they know she’s doing the best she can. We hope Jill continues to show us tidbits of her home life via Instagram no matter what others say.

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