Jill Duggar’s Followers Are Sending Encouragement After She Called Her Kids ‘A Little Extra’

We’ve been keeping up with the Duggars for years, and thanks to Counting On, all of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s kids are getting the attention they deserve. While fans love seeing Jinger’s life in Los Angeles and Jessa’s parenting ideas for taking care of three kids, there are a few other family members we’re curious about but never see. And Jill Duggar is among them.

Jill and her husband, Derick Dillard, are no longer regularly featured on Counting On. But Jill still overshares about her life on Instagram, and it’s on social media where she shares her thoughts, emotions, and stories of her two kids, Israel and Samuel.

Since Jill’s such an open book, she told her followers in mid-December about a particularly difficult day. And her fans left her some encouraging words and suggestions.

Some fans think Jill Duggar doesn’t enjoy being a mom

Raising kids is tough — and while Michelle managed to raise 19 children and maintain a reality TV presence, Jill doesn’t appear to be as enthused. Many think Jill’s interactions with her kids don’t look very loving. And Reddit users have even commented on Jill’s lack of enthusiasm for being the sole breadwinner of the home and taking care of the kids all day while Derick pursues his grad school dreams.

“Jill especially needs sometime away from the kids. I think having something in her identity that isnt just being a wife and mother will help her a lot,” one Reddit user wrote.

Another Reddit user speculated that Jill might be homeschooling her children because she has nothing better to do with her time, though she might not necessarily enjoy it. “Jill wants to home school her kids so it gives her something to do during the day,” the user wrote. “She doesn’t seem to have close friends, she has seemed to distance herself from her family, and has no real fulfilling skills or hobbies. What is she genuinely going to do all day?”

She said she was feeling overwhelmed by her kids acting ‘a little extra’

Jill Duggar's post about her kids on her Instagram Story
Jill Duggar’s post about her kids on her Instagram Story | Jill Duggar via Instagram Story

Jill frequently posts about what she, Israel, and Samuel are up to while Derick is at school or doing his schoolwork. And on Dec. 17, it looks like the stress of parenthood was just too much. Jill posted a photo of a bouquet of flowers with a caption about her kids’ crazy behavior.

“Today was another loooong day and the boys were a little extra,” Jill captioned her post. “I bawled when my hubby walked in the door with these and just hugged me and reassured me. He’s the best…just sayin’!” She then added the hashtag “#GodGivesMoreGraceWhenTheBurdenIsGreater.”

Hours before the post, Jill posted another photo of some soup she was eating to her Instagram Story. And she added a caption about feeling rushed and stressed by her kids during their nap time.

“Cram down some lunch and get as much knocked out on my to do list as I can before kiddos are up. … that is, once I’ve made sure they’re actually asleep and not just pretending and waiting for the opportune time to sneak out haha … oh wait, whose kids am I talking about?! mine would never do that!” she captioned the post.

Her followers are giving her suggestions and encouragement

Jill’s followers are often critical of what she posts — and this time around, she certainly has many who judge her. But others are offering Jill some suggestions and encouragement to help boost morale.

“Are you far away from the big house? Maybe you need to go spend some time with your mom,” one follower commented on Jill’s post about her kids being “a little extra.” Since Jill hasn’t been taking part in many family activities, they may have a valid point.

“Do you live near any of your sisters for help? Maybe you need a mommy time out! Get a nap when you can!” another noted.

“We all have those days!!! Being a stay at home mom isn’t easy but your doing a great job!!!!” yet another wrote.

We’re sure Jill will return to her cheery, usual self soon enough. For now, she’s hopefully soaking up the encouraging words from her fans!

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