Jill Duggar’s Husband, Derick Dillard, Has Had His Braces On For Way Longer Than the Average Person

The Duggars may have gotten their start many years ago with Jim Bob and Michelle in the spotlight, but now it’s their 19 children who audiences want to see the most. We know Jinger, Jessa, Jana, and Joy-Anna quite well thanks to Counting On — and that’s just to name a few. Unfortunately, fan-favorite Jill is no longer a part of the show, as her husband, Derick Dillard, got them removed from the network after tweeting transphobic comments about TLC co-star Jazz Jennings.

Derick and Jill still have plenty of followers via social media, though. And fans can’t help but notice that Derick has seemingly had his braces on for as long as we can remember.

Derick Dillard underwent corrective jaw surgery years ago

Those who’ve been watching Counting On since the 17 Kids and Counting days may remember Derick way before he underwent jaw surgery. In Touch Weekly reports fans started to notice Derick’s face shape changed following a mission trip to El Salvador in 2015. His face appeared to be more sunken-in and bony than many remembered, and it had fans concerned that he had come down with an illness. Later, fans learned it wasn’t an illness that had caused Derick’s face shape to change. Instead, he explained that he had palate expansion surgery prior to the trip.

So, why would Derick go through such an intense and face-altering procedure? According to The Duggar Family Fan Blog, Derick was planning on getting braces to fix his misaligned teeth, but the orthodontist recommended palate expansion to make more room in his mouth. Unfortunately, he may have had some difficulties after going under the knife, as In Touch notes Derick had to find a doctor to help him while he was abroad after something went amiss during the healing phase.

He’s had his braces on for years following the surgery

Jill gave birth to their son, Israel, back in April 2015. And according to Daily Mail Online, Derick opted to get ceramic braces on his teeth just days after Israel’s birth. The ceramic ones are pricier than the classic silver steel type, but perhaps Derick knew he’d be having them on for quite some time, thus opting for the kind that’s a lot less noticeable.

It’s not too much of a surprise that Derick wanted to make his teeth as perfect as Jill’s. The Duggars are well-known for their obsession with dentistry and orthodontics (we can’t forget this clip from 19 Kids and Counting where Michelle Duggar explains the importance of teeth in her family). But even so, recent photos suggest Derick still has his braces on after all these years. WebMD notes on average, an adult can expect to wear braces for 18 months to three years, and Derick’s now on year four.

Fans are wondering if any of the dental work was worth it

Many fans have commented on Derick’s changing facial features over the years, and many wonder if the surgery and the braces were worth the cost, time, and trouble. As one of Jill’s Instagram followers recently commented on her birthday photo, “Is Derick ever going to get his braces off?” And another expressed concern over his changing look in the comments section of The Duggar Family Fan Blog. “Derick was so handsome before the surgery. Now…not so much. They really did do a bummer on his whole mouth,” they wrote.

Other Dillard fans have even noted they think something went amiss with the surgery and Derick should consider going after the doctors. “From the pre-surgery photograph, it looks like Derick’s midline was off-center prior to surgery and it shifted further off-center after. The surgery also changed the sound of his voice. How disappointing for him,” another commented on The Duggar Family Fan Blog. “Any dental work or surgery has risks. We’re so used to good medical and dental care that we tend to forget this. I hope Derick is fine with the outcome,” another added.

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