Jill Duggar’s Instagram Post Gives Us Even More Insight Into Her Kids’ Eating Habits

The Duggar family has been on television for over a decade, and fans are still fascinated by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar as well as their 19 children. Many of their adult kids and grandkids are featured on TLC’s Counting On. But there are a few famous family members who are missing — and one of them is Jill Duggar.

While Jill and her husband, Derick Dillard, are no longer featured on the show, we’re still keeping up with the two of them and their two young kids, Israel and Samuel on Instagram. And Jill added a post featuring 4-year-old Israel that gives her followers even more insight into what the kids are eating in her household. Given what we know about Jill’s cooking (and how much her fans hate it), it was quite interesting.

The Duggars are known for their questionable meals

Back in the 19 Kids and Counting days, Michelle and Jim Bob shared how they manage to afford to house, clothe, and feed their 19 children. And fans were particularly interested in how the Duggars manage their groceries.

Michelle told TLC that when the kids were growing up, they abided by a strict food budget of $3,000. And this meant that they purchased plenty of canned goods and baked their own bread to save whenever possible. “Our goal for our monthly food budget is $3,000. It used to be more like $2,000, but we’ve noticed the costs of groceries have gone up,” the famous mom said.

So, how much the Duggars eat in a day? They reportedly go through five pounds of turkey bacon, six loaves of bread, a gallon of ice cream, and pound after pound of potatoes all in a 24-hour span. And when it comes to cooking, all of the Duggar kids helped out with that when they were growing up, too.

Jill’s cooking has been condemned by her followers

While some of the Duggars have branched out to newer and more exciting cuisines (Jinger Duggar’s move to Los Angeles helped expand her horizons here), Jill seems stuck in her famous family recipes. She posts her recipes to her blog and Instagram frequently. Unfortunately, her followers have a lot of negative feedback for a few of her favorites. It seems they’re particularly harsh when it comes to the recipes involving canned and dried goods.

When Jill posted her recipe for Easy Slow Cooker Creamy Chicken & Tortillas, a fan commented, “Jill, I love you but these processed ‘quick, easy, inexpensive’ recipes are antiquated and unhealthy. You can use real food with the same results. Please!”

On another post of Jill’s Broccoli Rice Casserole, a follower commented, “Im sorry but none of these recipes look appetizing.”

She just gave insight into what her kids like to eat

It’s clear Jill cooks all of her famous meals for her family, for better or for worse. And on an Instagram post she added of Israel on Dec. 10, she showed exactly what her kids like to eat.

“‘Mommy you said these are mashed potatoes…where’s the corn? Mashed potatoes have corn!’ Anyone else mix their corn and mashed potatoes together? Apparently our kids are more used to me mixing theirs together for them than they are seeing them separate,” Jill captioned a post of Israel in front of a plate of mashed potatoes.

While mashed potatoes and corn may not be the freshest or the healthiest part of a meal, Jill could stand to do worse. And her fans had a better reaction to Israel eating some veggies than they did of the child chowing down on a gingerbread house, as posted by Derick.

“Poor baby has rotten teeth,” one follower commented on Derick’s post of Israel.

It’s good to see Jill’s feeding her kids some real sustenance, though she may want to get Israel and Samuel to eat as many greens as possible at such a young age, too.

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