Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Just Posted a Clickbait Caption on Instagram and Fans Are Furious

Nobody likes clickbait headlines. Shouldn’t the Duggar family know better by now?

In short, clickbait is defined as “content whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link.” So many tabloids use clickbait to get people reading. But most celebrities avoid it for fear of alienating their fans. However, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar of 19 Kids and Counting fame recently posted an Instagram update that has some fans seeing red.

It’s not the first time the counter-cultural Duggars have done something controversial. But this time seems so unnecessary.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar
Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar| Peter Kramer/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Jim Bob and Michelle posted a mysterious update on Instagram

The photo in question shows heads of the Duggar household Jim Bob and Michelle standing close together embracing in front of a lake. An innocent enough photo — but the caption really made fans question what they were sharing.

“There may be something you don’t know… #LinkInBio” the cryptic caption said.

The link took fans to a family tree

In no time, the comments section was flooded with speculation about what the big announcement could be. Was Jana Duggar finally courting? Was someone splitting up? Could it be possible that Michelle Duggar was pregnant again?

But after clicking, those excited Duggar followers were all let down in a major way. Instead of sharing exciting news, the link brought fans to an US Weekly article called “A Guide to the Duggar Family” documenting all the Duggar kids in order plus their spouses and offspring.

It turns out “something you don’t know” in the teaser just implied that some fans might not know the Duggar family order.

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Merry Christmas!!

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Fans were not amused by the obvious clickbait

Fan reactions to the post were swift and brutal. “Its [sic] a clickbait!” one Instagram user warned. “Can’t believe I clicked that,” another agreed, adding an eyeroll emoji. Plenty of others chimed in with their disgust, while others were confused about what the announcement really was (there wasn’t one).

But a few fans came to Jim Bob and Michelle’s defense, too. “Guys why are you saying it’s ‘click bait’?? This is something exciting for them, let them enjoy it and be happy!” one supporter insisted. Others told the haters to stop following the Duggars on social media if they were so irate over posts.

The Duggars have plenty of excitement going on right now

Some celebrities use clickbait to attract attention to themselves. But the Duggars don’t have to resort to such measures since they always have something going on! New babies, pregnancies, courtships, and kids running for political office are all things worth making announcements over. But making their family tree sounds exciting was a slightly strange decision.

Could there be more to this announcement? Is it just a foreshadowing of some bigger news to come? We’ll have to wait to find out. But to keep fans happy, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar should definitely avoid clickbait type headlines from here on out.