The 1 Reason Jim Bob Duggar Might Have Been Hesitant to Let Jinger Marry Jeremy

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are largely regarded as fans’ favorite Duggar couple. The two are a bit less structured than the rest of the family, and Jinger has become known as the Duggar family rebel. But prior to Jinger and Jeremy courting, there may have been a time when Jim Bob Duggar, Jinger’s father, wasn’t crazy about him. Here’s why.

Jinger Jeremy and Felicity Vuolo
Jinger Duggar with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo and daughter, Felicity Vuolo. | Jinger Vuolo via Instagram

Jinger and Jeremy seem happily married and are preparing to move to California

Out of all the Counting On couples, Jinger and Jeremy are a fan favorite. After they wed in 2016, they immediately moved to Texas, where Jeremy had been living. They started new roots in Laredo, and that’s also where they’ve been raising their daughter for the past 10 months. Recently, the couple announced they’d be starting a new life in Los Angeles; Jeremy had registered for graduate classes out there, so the couple will be moving in July. People were very excited for them and feel that it’s a chance for the two to break away from the Duggar family’s strict rules.  

Before Jeremy met Jinger, he lived a very different life

Although Jeremy and Jinger have dedicated their lives to God, Jeremy wasn’t always extremely faithful. He was raised in a religious household and was homeschooled for most of his life, but he attended public school for the last two years of high school, then went on to attend college (something the Duggars did not do). He played soccer at Hartwick College but eventually transferred to Syracuse University. However, Jeremy later revealed that he made some decisions in college he regrets. “I began sliding down the slippery, destructive slopes of lust, selfishness, and pride… It did not take long for me to realize that my sin was catching up with me quickly,” Jeremy revealed on the couple’s website. He had a revelation, which led him to change the way he lived his life. Several years later, he met Jinger.

Jim Bob may not have been a fan of Jeremy’s impurity

Although Jeremy never outwardly revealed whether or not he had had premarital sex, he was open and honest about the “slippery slope” of lust on which he found himself. Plus, he made it clear that he spent far too much time in the party scene and that it was destructive to him. If he was honest with his fans, then he was most likely honest with Jim Bob about who he was before he became a pastor. While Jim Bob likely appreciated his honesty, it may have made him uneasy toward Jeremy and hesitant to allow Jeremy to enter a courtship with his daughter. Plus, though Jeremy is Christian, he and Jim Bob reportedly didn’t always share the same views.

Jeremy has said he still struggles with ‘temptation’

Although Jinger and Jeremy appear happy together, Jeremy recently said on a podcast that he struggles with temptation, referring to seeing women besides his wife and thinking certain things about them. He also revealed that he talks this out with Jinger because he wants their relationship to be as open and honest as possible. While it’s definitely an interesting thing to discuss with your wife, Jeremy probably remembers where all that temptation led him several years back and wants to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself. But from the looks of it, he and Jinger truly seem like a match made in Heaven, so we’re not too worried.

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