Jim Edmonds Breaks Silence on ‘RHOC’ Alum Meghan King Edmonds Divorce Drama

Meghan King Edmonds ruffled feathers when she published a blog on her website regarding her marital troubles. The former The Real Housewives of Orange County star opened about how she found out her husband filed for divorce and the possible reasons behind their split. Now, Jim Edmonds is confirming the drama behind his marriage and how it all “spiraled out of control.”

Meghan King Edmonds
Meghan King Edmonds | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Jim Edmonds statement

Following King Edmonds’ statement, Jim released his side of the story after an “emotionally exhausting sleepless five days” he has endured.

“The last couple [of] years have been rough on my wife and me for many reasons. Marriage is difficult but add three small children under three, two adolescent children, two adult children, building a house and two busy, hard-working spouses and the stress of living our lives in the public eye,” Jim said in a statement to Us Weekly.

He continued saying, “It saddens me tremendously that my wife is hurt. After having a few days to digest the situation, I realize that something that occurred in a split second spiraled out of control with no way to stop it. We were both separately surprised to find out that the media had received details of our private situation without our knowledge.”

Jim attributes the fall out to the lack of “quality time” they both had to work things out due to their “busy careers” and their “son’s medical needs.”

“I’m removing myself and all of my family from this unnecessary publicity that I obviously have never quite enjoyed. I have way too much love for my wife and kids for this to happen and it’s time for us to get back to the private life we used to live. Meghan is a truly special woman who my kids are so fortunate to have as their mother,” Jim added.

What caused the split?

King Edmonds poured her heart out in a blog post on her website detailing all the drama she’s been living through. She started off by explaining that she found out her husband was having a sexting affair while she was pregnant with her twins. To add to the stressful time, she then found out one of her babies has a brain injury.

“During this difficult time my closest family and friends rallied behind me when I told them I wanted to do everything in my power to address Hart’s diagnosis while also trying to save my marriage,” she wrote.

The former RHOC star said she didn’t receive support from Jim’s family as she was expecting. In addition, the former MLB star was “drinking and partying with much younger women, including several babysitters.”

There have been rumors that Jim had an affair with Nanny Carly, but King Edmonds is not so sure that is the truth.

“To be clear, I don’t know if Jim slept with our babysitter or whether they were just being exceedingly inappropriate by hanging out socially,” she wrote. “I’ve gone back and forth with my thoughts for a couple [of] days but as I write this, I don’t think he did.”

As of now, it’s not clear if the couple will proceed with the divorce or put it on hold and try to work things out.