Jim Parsons Fears Mental “Breakdown” Following ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Finale

Jim Parsons has portrayed the socially inept, systematically unempathetic, scientific genius that is Sheldon Cooper since The Big Bang Theory premiered in 2007. Now on its twelfth season and only a few weeks from the series finale, fans prepare to say goodbye to the character they have come to know and love.

Jim Parsons
Jim Parsons | Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Jim Parsons, throughout his run as Sheldon, has won four Primetime Emmy awards for his performance, while developing a nearly unrivaled international fanbase (one that only the likes of NCIS can compete with). A household name, Jim Parsons and his character have become one in the fans’ eyes. They are connected at the hip, as Jim Parsons rose to fame because of this role.

While the end of a TV series is difficult for all the viewers who have been watching from the start, it’s even harder on the actors who have been showing up to work day after day, year after year, alongside the same cast members.

Though Jim Parsons has used his status as Cooper to spread his wings in other directions, and widen his acting portfolio – with roles in The Normal Heart, Home, Hidden Figures, and more – this will not lessen the extent of the loss he will feel come the show’s finale.

Parsons sat down with Variety to discuss The Big Bang Theory, the end of the show, as well as his own concerns with leaving the show behind, as the routine it presents is not something to be taken for granted, especially when working in the entertainment profession.

Jim Parsons discusses thinking “about the end” of ‘The Big Bang Theory’

During his interview with Variety in 2016, Jim Parsons was asked, “…Do you think about the end? I know some of your co-stars just refuse to entertain the thought. How do you feel about it?” While his co-stars, at this point in time, may have avoided all thoughts associated with the end of TBBT, that’s just not Parsons’ style.

Jim Parsons explained to the interviewer:

“Yeah, I think about the end. I think that I can’t work under the umbrella of “Things are winding up around here,” because I think it’ll be a while before I understand when the actual end of this glorious tunnel is. But as far as looking at life realistically and my own age and places in life and things like that, yeah, my mind flips there sometimes.”


Jim Parsons on the importance of routine and what it means to show up to work every day on the same set

Jim Parsons goes on to explain that much of the show’s success is in the writing before discussing the close bond he has developed with his co-stars. Parsons then discusses how he is fond of routine, explaining why the end of TBBTmay present some challenges in his day-to-day life. He told the interviewer:

“But I do think I’ll desperately miss something that’s easy to take for granted, which is having this five-day-a-week job for nine months a year. It is such a rarity as an actor, and I don’t mean to highlight the banal or what may sound banal to most people, but I don’t think people who aren’t actors or work in this industry would understand in some ways the strangest part about this run, is how long we’ve reported to this job every day for five days a week, nine months out of the year. It’s almost unheard of.

You literally have to go through every other series that ever hit this many episodes and go “Well, there’s your comparison” – and other than that, there is none.  am a creature of habit, and I will have a physical reaction to that, I promise you! I pray it’s not a breakdown. How could you not?”


So, whether Jim Parsons winds up overthinking his career in the middle of the night or struggling with a full-on breakdown following the show’s end remains to be seen; however, hopefully, the actor will continue to strive and keep busy. He is set to star in the Netflix version of The Boys in the Band, which he recently appeared in on Broadway. And based on recent reports, is most likely ready to close this chapter.