Jim Parsons to Star in Oscar Worthy Role Following ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Jim Parsons has been the face of The Big Bang Theory since the sitcom featuring four socially inept physicists and the pretty aspiring actress first premiered in 2008. Approaching its series finale, scheduled for May 16, many fans are excited to see what Hollywood has in store for its leading cast members.

Jim Parsons
Jim Parsons | Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

While on The Big Bang Theory, Jim Parsons won four Primetime Emmy awards for starring as Sheldon Cooper. Making a name for himself on one of the most popular network shows on the air, he took his newfound status and spread his wings, appearing in The Normal Heart, Hidden Figures, A Kid Like Jake, Home, and more (all while leading TBBT).

If any actor on the series has made it his mission to show the world (and casting directors alike) that he’s more than the show he’s famous for, it’s Parsons. Jim Parsons even appeared on Broadway in a remake of 1968’s Off-Broadway production of The Boys in the Band, which was also turned into a movie in 1970. It was recently announced that Ryan Murphy would direct the Broadway cast in a Netflix original film version, which, given the nature of Parson’s role in the play, could lead to the actor’s first Oscar win.

What is ‘The Boys in the Band’ about?

The Boys in the Band opens with Michael (Parsons) hosting a birthday celebration for his close friend. When Michael’s old friend Alan shows up – the only straight man to join the soiree – comedy, drama, and conflict ensue.

While Michael initially tries to conceal his sexuality from Alan, he is eventually outed and turns the tables on his old friend, forcing him and the rest of the party attendees to participate in a revealing party game with steep consequences.

Why Jim Parsons may win an Oscar for his upcoming performance as Michael in the Netflix version of ‘The Boys in the Band’

Michael’s character is fraught with internal conflict that, throughout the play, boils beneath the surface, often exposing itself in the form of hurtful commentary and sarcastic criticisms.

Vulnerable yet verbally aggressive, a sincere portrayal inspires both a sense of pity and a sense of shock. In the Broadway production, Jim Parson grabs hold of the audience’s attention – despite being surrounded by equally impressive actors – and never lets it go.

The role requires a bold and captivating energy, yet a disposition harrowed by insecurity and doubt. If Jim Parsons delivers an on-screen performance as strong as the one he gave on stage, he may have a shot at the Oscar (depending on where the Academy stands on the whole Netflix-Oscar debacle come this movie’s release).

The 1970s movie version of ‘The Boys in the Band’ was hailed as a masterpiece

Jim Parsons also has a strong script and conceptual premise working in his favor. The Boys in the Band (1970) currently boasts a 94% critics’ score on Rotten Tomatoes. The movie, considered equal parts tragedy and comedy, represented one of Hollywood’s first explicit representations of gay culture.

While the self-loathing tendencies can be seen as stereotypical among many audiences – especially contemporary ones – what the movie stood for surpassed its thematic drawbacks. Not to mention, controversy always makes for conversation.

While dated by today’s standards, it’s likely that Ryan Murphy will modernize the film to suit a 21st-century viewing audience. And, if Parsons is anything like Kenneth Nelson (the man behind Michael in the 1970s), he will receive some award recognition.

Though he did not win, Kenneth Nelson was nominated for the Golden Globe in the Most Promising Newcomer category. Parsons may not be a newcomer, but he will likely, with the experience under his belt and the powerful role at hand, receive a few nominations in lead acting categories.