Jimin Attends Alec Benjamin Concert While BTS Is On Hiatus

BTS Jimin Alec Benjamin
Jimin from BTS | (Han Myung-Gu/WireImage)

BTS is currently enjoying their first extended vacation since their debut. Even though they are on a break, the members are still active on social media and VLIVE. Since going on hiatus, Jimin held multiple VLIVE live streams for members of BTS ARMY. Some fans worried Jimin would not take the time to use his break to relax, but it seems like the BTS member is taking time for himself. Jimin recently enjoyed a night out and attended Alec Benjamin’s concert in Seoul.

Jimin and Alec Benjamin are mutual fans

In July 2019, BTS shared what they listen to and updated their public Spotify playlists. Jimin’s playlist was 12 songs long but included five Alec Benjamin songs. Several artists featured on BTS members’ playlists posted their excitement on social media. When Benjamin saw multiple of his songs were on Jimin’s playlist, he tweeted at the group. 

“this is so cool :) I love you & @BTS_twt !,” he wrote

Benjamin did not stop there. A few days before his show in Seoul, the singer wrote to the BTS Twitter account and invited Jimin to his show. Jimin followed up on the invite and attended. After the show, both Jimin and Benjamin posted photos with each other. 

Jimin posted a photo to the BTS Twitter account and wrote, “Your voice is heavenly. Thanks for coming. @AlecBenjamin #JIMIN.”

“SEOUL WAS AMAZING ! thanks so much for coming to my show, Jimin . :) . @BTS_twt,” Benjamin wrote.

Alec Benjamin sang ‘Fake Love’ at the concert

Benjamin gave Jimin and any BTS fans in attendance a special surprise when he sang a part of BTS’s song, “Fake Love.” The song is one of BTS’s most popular songs and currently has over 575 million views on YouTube. At the concert, Benjamin sang a part of the chorus normally sung by Jimin and Jin. Several concert attendees captured footage of Benjamin singing the brief cover of the song.

Some BTS fans were not happy that concert attendees took photos of Jimin

While Jimin and Benjamin posted photos of each after the show, several concert attendees took photos and videos of Jimin at the concert. When Big Hit Entertainment announced the group was on vacation, they asked fans to respect the boys’ privacy. In the official announcement, the company wrote, “Should you have a chance encounter with a member of BTS while they are on vacation, we ask that you show consideration for their need to rest and enjoy their private time off.”

When unapproved footage of Jimin at the concert showed up on Twitter, some BTS fans were not happy. 

“please be mindful of jimin’s privacy, he was there to enjoy alec benjamin’s show and not to “be jimin”. he was there as a regular person to enjoy the show, if you see any photos of jimin please don’t repost them, also, alec covered fake love & it’s amazing,” wrote an ARMY

“According to an army Jimin was at the Alec Benjamin concert today in Seoul! Alec also performed ‘Fake Love’ at the show. (There is a video of someone that seems to be Jimin but out of respect to his privacy i won‘t tweet it),” wrote another.  

The point of BTS’s vacation was to give the members a chance to live a few months of a normal life without a schedule. Big Hit Entertainment set boundaries with the vacation announcement and encouraged fans to leave the men alone if they were seen in public. While some fans did not follow this, it seems Jimin still enjoyed himself at the concert. Hopefully, fans respect the members’ privacy as their vacation continues, allowing them to have more nights out like this.