Jin’s Big Hit Entertainment Discovery Story Proves He’ll Always Be the BTS ‘Car Door Guy’

He’s the oldest member of BTS, but he’s also a lead visual and singer in this group. In fact, it’s these visuals that got Jin scouted by BigHit Entertainment, as well as other management companies. 

Here’s what we know about the “Car Door Guy” of BTS, Jin.

How was Jin discovered by Big Hit Entertainment?

Some BTS members were making it big in Korea’s underground rap scene, like RM and Suga. Other members were still students in high school. When it comes to the oldest member of this group, he was actually approached on the street and invited to audition because of his visuals. 

According to Billboard, “Kim Seokjin was discovered on the street while in university studying acting, and was invited to audition for BigHit Entertainment.”

On a few separate occasions, this performer mentioned that he was scouted by SM Entertainment, the company behind groups like EXO and NCT, but thought it was a joke.

Jin auditioned to be a vocalist for Big Hit Entertainment, debuted with BTS, and the rest is history. Since then, however, Jin became the lead visual for the group and earned the nickname “Worldwide Handsome” from fans. 

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Some fans gave Jin the nickname ‘Car Door Guy’ 

He’s sometimes he’s known as “Worldwide Handsome Jin,” other times he’s called “Worldwide Funny Guy” for obvious reasons. However, some fans also call this idol “Car Door Guy.”

According to one Quora user, Jin first received this nickname after the MelOnMusic Awards 2015. Fans were shocked when a video surfaced of Jin looking flawless while stepping out of a car at the award show.

The idol trended on social media as a result, with some fans giving him the nickname “Car Door Guy.” Even years later, some fans refer to Jin by this nickname, sharing pictures on social media and praising his visuals. 

'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Musical Guest, BTS
‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Musical Guest, BTS | Randy Holmes/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

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Jin is also known for his love of food, the other BTS members, and the ARMY

As the oldest member of this K-pop group, Jin often looks after the other BTS members. Some fans noticed that while the boy band is doing interviews overseas, Jin is almost always next to RM, offering support. Jin also shares his love for ARMY, with posts on Weverse and pictures on Twitter.

This singer is also the resident foodie of the group, with his own live stream series nicknamed “Eat Jin.” During one interview, he shared that he always has a utensil in his bag. Not that he ever uses it, but he has it just in case. 

The “Life Goes On” music video by BTS is now available for streaming on YouTube. The K-pop group’s deluxe album, titled Be, is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and most major streaming platforms.