Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo May Be In Hot Water With the Other Duggars After This

The Duggars have graced our TV screens for years, and we all have our favorites in the gigantic family of 21. Jinger Duggar has attained quite a following of her own over the years, too. Known as the “rebel” of the family, fans love watching Jinger and her husband, Jeremy on TLC’s Counting On to see what they’re getting into next.

There’s a lot of suspicion surround Jinger and her relationship with her other family members, too. There’s no doubt the Duggar daughter still abides by (most) of the rules she grew up with as a child, and she still maintains a serious relationship with Christ as well. But some recent Instagram activity may prove she and husband Jeremy are more liberal than parents Jim Bob and Michelle would like to see.

Fans have suspected that Jim Bob Duggar isn’t the biggest fan of Jinger’s husband, Jeremy

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo make a fantastic couple, but fans wouldn’t be surprised if Jim Bob Duggar isn’t a fan of Jeremy’s. While Jeremy is a minister and lives a very religious life, he’s had a dark past that’s resulted in him getting arrested before. We also can’t forget that when Jinger and Jeremy got engaged, they had a moment that involved a full-frontal hug, which is way more contact than typically allowed amongst the Duggar women.

According to Romper, Jim Bob may have also taken issue with Jeremy because Jinger’s marriage to him prompted the couple to move away from Arkansas to Texas. And now that Jinger and Jeremy announced they’re moving again to Los Angeles, we can only imagine Jim Bob isn’t taking the news well.

Jinger made a controversial comment on Instagram her family would not approve of

For being the “rebel” in the family, Jinger typically appears quiet, polite, and loving to her family, and it’s clear she doesn’t want to create any rifts (especially as she’s preparing for her gigantic move out west). But Radar Online reports the Duggar daughter did make a bold move on Instagram semi-recently. The publication notes Jeremy’s brother, Charles, a Harvard graduate, once directed a film about a transgender immigrant. And Jinger took to his Instagram to comment on one of his photos and show her support. “Wow. So amazing bro,” she commented.

So, why is Jinger’s comment such a big deal? It’s well-known that the Duggar family’s religious beliefs also extend into anti-LGBTQ rights. Jinger showing support for Charles when he’s created such controversial content is bound to get her into hot water with Jim Bob and Michelle, though fans are loving that she’s showing her liberal side.

Is there a rift happening between the Duggars and the Vuolos?

Could this Instagram comment and the upcoming move to Los Angeles be a sign that there’s a rift between the Vuolos and the Duggars? Some seem to think so. There are rumors that Jeremy’s liberal side has affected Jinger to the point that her parents no longer want anything to do with her.

To combat those claims, however, Jinger did just post an open letter to her parents on her Instagram that thanks them for their endless support. “I am so grateful to God for the gift of such godly parents and role models as you. May the Lord grant both Jeremy & me the grace to raise our sweet Felicity with that same nurturing care and devotion,” she wrote. Was this her way of subtly shutting down the rumor mill and proving she actually maintains a great relationship with her parents despite their differences? It certainly seems that way.

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