Jinger Duggar Has Already Proven She’s a Better Cook Than Jill Duggar

From strange courtship rituals to the way they dress, the public has picked apart the Duggar family’s behavior for years. Now even the youngest Duggars are growing up fast. And the older family members who we remember as teens when 19 Kids and Counting first aired are all grown up with families of their own.

Jill Duggar has had a serious following ever since she married Derick Dillard. And while Derick’s controversial Twitter activity got the two of them removed from the show, fans still religiously follow Jill and her family recipes on social media. It seems sister Jinger might actually be the better cook in the family, however, and here’s why.

Jill Duggar shares her family’s favorite recipes all over social media

If there’s anything Jill Duggar’s known for (aside from husband Derick Dillard’s outspoken Twitter opinions), it’s her recipes. Jill loves sharing what she’s cooking on the Dillard Family blog, and usually all of the recipes she’s creating are variations of something her family used to make for her when she lived in the big Duggar home. She shares all of these recipes on Instagram as well so all of her followers on social media can see what’s going on in her kitchen.

As for what Jill likes to make, she seems to stick to what she knows best — and that’s a lot of canned ingredients. Michelle Duggar has spoken at-length in regards to how she managed to feed 19 kids on a budget, and she seemed to cook with a lot of bulk canned ingredients to keep costs low and bellies full. While Jill only has two children with Derick, she’s still following in Michelle’s footsteps with meals like Broccoli Rice Casserole, which requires Velveeta cheese and cans of cream of chicken soup,

Jill’s constantly slammed for the ingredients she uses while cooking

Jill may love sharing her recipes, but fans are quick to criticize what she’s putting on the table. As one fan commented on her Instagram post promoting the Broccoli Rice Casserole, “Another recipe that is full of sodium, fat and preservatives. Jill is not feeding a crowd. She has two children and a husband in which she should be able to make this without canned soup or velveeta.” And another was quick to slam her recipe for Jeanne’s Sloppy Joe’s. “Imagine thinking adding tomato and bbq sauce + a packet of flavouring is a recipe worth sharing,” another commented.

It seems Derick approves of Jill’s recipes, at least. He’s posted some of the “delicious homemade” eats that Jill’s made him in the past. Unfortunately, fans weren’t kind here, either. “Looks like burnt bacon and a burnt omelette to me,” another criticized on his Instagram post of Jill’s homemade breakfast.

Jinger looks like she knows how to make wholesome, healthy meals

Jinger also grew up helping out with dinner just like Jill did — but it appears she’s making healthier recipes with more wholesome ingredients. Fans recall the breakfast spread she made Jeremy Vuolo before the two of them were even married, and it included scrambled eggs, bacon, and fresh fruit. And more recently, OK! Magazine notes Jinger shared spicy sweet potato fries she was making from fresh sweet potatoes on her Instagram story.

The publication questioned whether Jinger would be using these culinary skills to attain a career as a cook once she moves to Los Angeles, but we doubt that’s the case. We do think she’ll be loving the local ingredients in California and making plenty of fresh dishes for Jeremy and baby Felicity, however. Sorry, Jill — it looks like Jinger may be the better cook after all is said and done.

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