‘Counting On:’ Jinger Duggar Might Have Just Made Her Most Rebellious Move Yet

Jinger Duggar has become known as the resident Duggar rebel. She’s always been a bit more relaxed when it comes to the family rules than some of her siblings have. Duggar was quiet growing up, while her two sisters, Jessa and Jill, got most of the attention on their show Counting On. But now, Duggar has made a name for herself and become the most-liked Duggar among the public. And she may have just done her most rebellious deed yet.

Jinger Duggar with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo and daughter, Felicity Vuolo. | Jinger Vuolo via Instagram

Duggar started breaking the rules as soon as she was married

Growing up, the Duggar children had a very strict set of rules to follow. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are devout Christians, and they raised their children on the belief that God always comes first. The Duggar kids weren’t allowed to engage in any intimacy before marriage; they were only allowed to go as far as side hugs with their partners. They were all homeschooled and mostly interacted with people from their church. The women don’t work, and the family doesn’t believe in birth control.

When Duggar married her pastor husband, Jeremy Vuolo, back in 2016, she quickly began forming her own set of rules within her new relationship. After the two moved to Texas, Duggar started wearing the clothes she wanted; she stayed away from the long skirts and baggy tops and started wearing jeans and shorter dresses. Plus, she was one of the only Duggars to actually move far away from her family once she grew up.

Duggar and her husband announced they’re moving to California in a few months

A couple months back, Duggar and her husband announced they’d be making a major move to California this July. Jeremy Vuolo is taking graduate classes out in Los Angeles, so Duggar, Vuolo, and their daughter Felicity will be making the move to start a new chapter. There were rumors that her family wasn’t crazy about the move, but they actually appear to be very supportive of the couple’s new adventure. Duggar and Vuolo made it clear in the last season of Counting On that they won’t be trying for any new kids this year. They likely want to adjust comfortably to life in California.

Duggar just dyed her hair blonde, truly stepping out from the shadows of her siblings

As if Duggar couldn’t get any more rebellious, she just made her boldest move yet: She dyed her hair blonde. The Duggar daughters always had long, dark hair growing up, and they never experimented much with new hairstyles. They never used dyes or cut their hair short; the long, brunette style was pretty much their only option. Duggar has truly stepped out of line by going blonde, but she seems to love it, and based on the Instagram comments, her family loves it, too.

Fans think Los Angeles will fit the couple nicely  

Duggar and Vuolo clearly live life on the edge a bit more than her family members do, but fans think Los Angeles will suit them well. Fans agree that Duggar has more of a wild side than her siblings, so if anyone in the family can handle a move to somewhere as liberal as L.A., it’s Duggar and Vuolo. The couple officially moves in July of this year, and they seem excited, though they admitted it will be sad to leave the friends they made in Laredo, Texas. However, Duggar doesn’t seem to mind and is looking forward to starting something new.

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