Jinger Duggar Just Proved Her Parents Are Supportive of Her Move to Los Angeles

We’ve been watching the Duggar family for years, and if there’s anything we know about them, they’re a relatively predictable bunch. Jim Bob and Michelle catapulted their 19 kids to fame by sharing the ins and outs of their dress code, bizarre dating rules, and ultra-religious ways — and today, the kids are all growing up fast. Now, many of the Duggar children are following right in their parents’ footsteps, though there are a few who seem to be taking the road less traveled.

Jinger Duggar has long been thought of as the rebel of the family. She no longer lives in Arkansas and now resides in Laredo, Texas, but she and husband Jeremy Vuolo also recently announced they’re planning a move to Los Angeles. Are Jim Bob and Michelle supportive of their daughter? Jinger may have just proved they are.

Jinger Duggar recently announced she’s moving to Los Angeles this summer

If there’s any Duggar who we can expect a big move from, it’s Jinger Duggar. In late March, she and Jeremy Vuolo posted on their family blog the big news. “In recent days, God has made it overwhelmingly clear to us that he is leading us out of Laredo,” the excited couple wrote. “Through much prayer and counsel, the next step for our family is to relocate to Los Angeles to attend Grace Community Church as Jeremy pursues graduate studies at The Master’s Seminary.”

While Jinger and Jeremy are gracious for the new experience, they did note that they’re going to miss their friends in Laredo, as “our friends here have become like family.” Oddly enough, they didn’t mention the other Duggars on the blog post as people they’re going to miss, however. This clued some fans in that perhaps there was some bad blood between Jinger and her siblings and parents.

Some fans thought there were signs of a family rift

It wasn’t just Jinger and Jeremy’s lack of a callout on their blog post that had fans wondering what the Duggars really thought of the couple moving to Los Angeles. Reddit users mentioned that they think Jinger’s sisters are jealous of her move — and some even noticed that they didn’t make any comments on Jinger’s Instagram announcement that she was heading West. “Now that I think of it, it is indeed odd that no one apart from Anna commented. It’s telling because they make sure to atleast like and comment normally,” one Reddit user commented.

Others believe there were signs of a rift even before Jinger and Jeremy made their announcement. There have been long-standing rumors that Jim Bob doesn’t actually like Jeremy, and we remember the drama of Jinger and Jeremy’s engagement. The two exchanged a full-frontal hug when Jeremy proposed, which certainly displeased Jim Bob.

Did Jinger just shut down the rumors?

Jinger Duggar isn’t the most outspoken in the family, but she may have just silenced everyone who thought there was a rift between her and her parents. She posted a photo of her side-by-side with mom Michelle to her Instagram. “It has been so wonderful having my beautiful mother in town! She is one amazing woman and my hero. I am so blessed to call her mom,” she captioned the post. And fans are loving the photo as well. “I love that while she maintains her personal standards she doesn’t seem to make you feel false guilt for choosing slightly different standards,” one fan wrote to Jinger regarding Michelle.

Not only does this prove Jinger and Michelle are as close as ever, but it also shows Duggar fans that Michelle is willing to head to Texas to visit the Vuolo family. Does this mean we’ll be seeing Michelle out in Los Angeles to visit her daughter and son-in-law, too? We’re not sure — but we imagine it’d make a great Counting On episode.

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