Jinger Duggar Shops at Trader Joe’s, Has Mind Blown By Cupcake ATM at L.A. Mall

Jinger Duggar has gone full Californian. The Arkansas native has ditched Walmart for Trader Joe’s, where the paparazzi recently spotted the 25-year-old Counting On star stocking up on groceries. 

Jinger and her husband Jeremy Vuolo moved to California last month, and since then, they’ve been settling in and taking in all the local sights. The couple has taken in a few professional soccer games, dined out in L.A.’s Chinatown neighborhood, and even experienced an earthquake. 

Jinger heads to Trader Joe’s 

trader joe's
Trader Joe’s | Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Jinger appears to be adapting well to life in Southern California. She hit up a Los Angeles-area Trader Joe’s the other day, where paps spotted her pushing daughter Felicity in a cart as she loaded up on the store’s cult favorite products. The reality star sported dark jeans — a big change from the long skirts she used to always wear when she was younger — plus a floral top and sandals. 

We’re not sure, but this might be the first time Jinger has visited the popular grocery chain. Trader Joe’s doesn’t have any locations in Laredo and it has no presence in her home state of Arkansas. Jinger even used reusable bags on her trip, a sign that she might be shedding the wasteful ways the Duggars have been criticized for in the past. (Single-use plastic bags are banned in California; stores like Trader Joe’s charge around $0.10 for paper bags.) 

A cupcake ATM blows her mind 

Trader Joe’s isn’t the only place Jinger has been spotted shopping. The Vuolo family also recently headed to the Americana at Brand, an open-air mall in Glendale, California, with stores like Anthropologie, Barneys New York, Lululemon, and Madewell. The shopping complex is also home to a cupcake ATM, which blew Jinger’s mind. 

On her Instagram stories, the mom of one shared a video of people lining up to get their sweet treats from the 24-hour Sprinkles Cupcake ATM. She captioned it “Whaaaaaat?!” followed by the shocked emoji. 

The automated cupcake delivery machine might be new to Jinger, but it’s actually been around for awhile. The Sprinkles ATM first appeared in 2012 in Beverly Hills, and the chain now has ATMs scattered around the country. In addition to the 10 in Southern California, there are also cupcakes ATMs in Chicago, Dallas, New York, and even at Disney World.

Do the Vuolos want their own reality show? 

Jinger and Jeremy pulled up stakes in Texas and relocated to the West Coast so he could continue to pursue his education. But some fans wonder if the couple has other career goals in mind. Some think the move to Los Angeles could be followed by their own reality TV show

The Vuolos certainly seemed to have upped their social media game since moving to California, with plenty of posts of them doing quintessentially L.A. activities. Jinger has even started offering personalized shout-outs via Cameo. And we already know that a TLC film crew was along for the ride as they moved from Texas to California. Right now, it seems like that footage will be featured in the next season of Counting On, but is it possible that we could see a spin-off special or even an entire series just about the Vuolos? TLC hasn’t made any announcements yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised to hear a new show is in the works.