Fans Think Jinger Duggar Looks ‘So Happy’ In Her Recent Instagram Photo

Jinger Duggar has become notorious for being the least similar to her other family members. She often chooses to do her own thing and has broken several rules she once had to obey while living under her parents’ roof. Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, recently moved to California to start a new chapter in their life, and fans think Duggar seems happier than ever.

Jinger Duggar Jeremy Vuolo Felicity
Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo with their daughter, Felicity | Jinger Vuolo via Instagram

Duggar started breaking her parents’ rules once she married Vuolo

When Duggar was growing up, she had a lot of rules to follow in her home. She, along with her sisters, wasn’t allowed to wear any clothing that might entice a man. She wore long denim skirts so as to hide her curves. Duggar and her siblings weren’t allowed to participate in sports leagues, and none of them attended college. No dancing or television was allowed in their home, either, and the children focused all of their time and energy on God. They went on mission trips and spent time with people at their local church, which was the majority of their social circle.

She’s done things differently than her siblings — including having children

When Duggar married Vuolo, she swapped out her Arkansas life for a new life in Laredo, Texas. Unlike her siblings, she moved far away from her family after she wed, and she and Vuolo immediately started doing things differently. Duggar started wearing pants and tank tops, and the two of them spent a lot of time outside and around town, making friends of all kinds. Duggar also recently dyed her hair blonde, something that was unheard of while she lived with her parents. Plus, the two have been married since 2016, but they’ve only had one child. Traditionally, the Duggars have children as soon as they marry, since they don’t use birth control. It’s unclear if Duggar and Vuolo have been using any form of birth control, but they’ve only had one pregnancy in nearly three years.  

Duggar and Vuolo recently moved to California and have been loving every minute of it

The couple and their young daughter recently made a major move to Los Angeles. L.A. is notoriously a very liberal city, but Duggar fans thought the couple would actually love it there (the Duggar family is traditionally very conservative). So far, Duggar and Vuolo have been taking full advantage of their new home. The little family has been sight-seeing and trying some of the different cuisines in the area. Plus, they recently took Felicity to the aquarium for her first birthday. They’ve been documenting this new journey on social media.

Fans think Duggar seems truly happy with her life

Duggar recently posted a photo outside the aquarium with her husband, and they looked like an ordinary couple. Vuolo was wearing a baseball cap and t-shirt, and Duggar was sporting a tank top. “You look so happy,” one user commented. “I love this couple! They are so normal and live their lives so differently than the rest of her siblings,” another user added. Duggar and Vuolo seem to still be very close with Duggar’s family, despite taking on a life that isn’t traditional to her family’s values. Plus, they’re still very religious, but they seem to be enjoying everything else life has to offer as well.