Jinger Duggar’s Husband, Jeremy Vuolo, Is Smiling on Instagram Despite Backlash Over His Wife’s Partnerships

Whether you love them or love to hate them, there’s no doubt the Duggars are here to stay on the small screen. Jim Bob and Michelle brought their kids into the limelight at first — and now, all eyes are on fan favorites like Jana, Jessa, and Joy-Anna as they navigate life well into their adult years via TLC’s Counting On.

There’s another star of the show we’re all curious about — and that’s Jinger Duggar. Jinger and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, moved away from Arkansas and to Los Angeles with their young daughter, Felicity. And since then, it looks like Jinger’s attempting to be an influencer for a living. Despite recent backlash over her failed partnerships, we haven’t heard a peep out of the famous Duggar. And Jeremy’s not mentioning anything about the controversies, either.

Jinger Duggar’s life as an influencer isn’t going as planned

Jinger’s not in Arkansas anymore, and the shift from rural life to big-city living is quite the change. With that said, she’s totally thriving in her new environment, according to Instagram. But it seems some companies aren’t too keen on her influencer attempts.

While Jinger did have a partnership with Los-Angeles-based donut company Fonuts, the company pulled the plug on Jinger after receiving backlash over her family’s homophobic and bigoted views. Fonuts then issued a statement regarding their wrongdoing on Instagram.

“We apologize for our recent poor choice of promotional partner,” the donut company wrote. “We were shocked and dismayed to learn about who we were associating with. We recognize we really made a mistake by not properly researching them.”

Not only that, but Jinger and Jeremy were supposed to make an appearance at a Toys for Tots event for designer Rebecca Minkoff — but that fell through as well.

“In the spirit of the holiday season, Rebecca Minkoff will still be partnering with Toys For Tots at their LA Store. Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances Jinger and Jeremy will no longer be making an appearance at the event, but encourage you to donate to this great cause!” the Eventbrite page read.

She hasn’t made any mention of losing her partnerships

Jinger posted about Fonuts and Rebecca Minkoff to her Instagram. Since then, she’s removed both posts — but she’s made no mention of losing the partnerships. Instead, she’s flooding her feed with her typical content. We’re getting more photos of her with Felicity, which her followers expect.

As for why exactly Jinger is having such a tough time with her influencing, it’s tough to pinpoint one reason. It’s well-known that the Duggars are against same-sex rights, so Jinger’s association certainly isn’t doing her any favors. But we can’t forget that some of Jeremy’s sermons are problematic, too.

Celebrity Insider notes Jeremy’s indirectly spoken against transgender rights in one of his sermons. And he also shared some homophobic views.

“All you have to do is look at the sexual revolution pressuring them, and they cave in to a worldview that rejects God’s truth and embraces popular opinion,” Jeremy said. And he spoke on “false definitions of tolerance and love” in the past as well, the publication notes.

Jeremy Vuolo hasn’t said anything, either

Not only has Jinger made no mention of her lost partnerships, but Jeremy hasn’t, either. We can’t forget that the Rebecca Minkoff event involved Jeremy, as both he and Jinger planned to make appearances. Now, both Jeremy and Jinger are still making Instagram posts that depict their happy lives, and they haven’t yet acknowledged what’s going on around them.

On Dec. 9, Jeremy posted a new family photo of him, Jinger, and Felicity eating a meal together, too. “Sometimes the orange juice is just so delicious you forget about the photo being taken,” he captioned the post. And on Dec. 6, which was just a day or so after the news about Rebecca Minkoff, Jeremy added another photo of just Felicity with a caption about how quickly she’s growing up.

We’re betting if Jeremy and Jinger actually spoke about their partnership losses, they may be able to win over those who don’t agree with them. Until then, we’re curious to see if Jinger continues trying to be an influencer amidst the widespread backlash.

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