Jinger Duggar’s Wedding May Have Been Even More Religious Than Her Siblings’

We know Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar best for having 19 children and featuring them on reality TV — but now, the kids are getting older, and many have followings of their own. Jinger Duggar has become a fan favorite over the years, as she’s always struck fans as being a bit different than her siblings. Not only do Counting On viewers enjoy watching her, but they love following her marriage to Jeremy Vuolo, too, as the couple has a little girl together and are soon making a huge move to Los Angeles.

If there’s one other thing the Duggars are known for, it’s religion. And while Jinger may strike some as rebellious, it seems a certain aspect of her wedding may have been even more religious than her siblings’ nuptials. Here’s what was so different about her special day.

Jinger’s relationship with Christianity wasn’t always strong

Jinger Duggar with her family
Jinger Duggar with her family | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have made it known since the very beginning of their stint on TV that their lives were heavily stepped in religion. From their dress code to their courtship rules, they believe that God is always watching — and they try to do Him proud by remaining as modest as possible. Many take issue with the Duggars’ belief system, of course, and others have had their suspicions that Jinger wasn’t as into her faith as her siblings. It turns out fans may have been on to something.

As Jinger explains on her family blog, “But there was a time—in my early teenage years—when I realized that, even though I appeared ‘good,’ I was personally guilty before a holy God because, in my heart, I was in rebellion against Him.” After she made such a realization, however, she notes, “God the Father looked with compassion upon me and made a way for me to be saved from my sin of rebellious idolatry.”

It seems her husband, Jeremy, has a similar story as well. While he partied a lot in college and was even arrested once, he found his way back to the Bible and has since followed the path to ministry.

Jinger married Jeremy Vuolo in November 2016

Jinger and Jeremy may still be more religious than many of their fans, but their fans still appreciate that they seem more down-to-earth than many of the other Duggar siblings. The two fell in love soon after they first met (and even broke the no frontal hugging rule when they became engaged). They then had their gigantic wedding in November 2016 at Cathedral of the Ozarks at John Brown University amongst family and friends.

Jinger’s wedding day was one of the most special of her life, as she told People, “I told the girls I need the bridesmaids to enter behind me because I thought I would collapse when I saw him.” And when Jinger and Jeremy finally had their first kiss, Jinger notes she wasn’t nervous — she was just ready to finally share the special moment with her new husband. “I couldn’t wait for it. It’s like he couldn’t say it soon enough,” she added.

She took religious inspiration for the long train of her wedding dress

Like all Duggar weddings, it was a gigantic affair with the religious ceremony and at least 1,000 guests — but Jinger decided to take her incorporation of Christianity one step further with her wedding gown. Her dress had a 13-foot train and was made by Renee Miller, Brides notes — and the reason for the long train was biblical. As Miller said, “Both Jinger and Jeremy desired for the dress to have what I call a ‘train fit for royalty,’ based on a Bible verse that Jeremy had quoted to his wife-to-be.”

As for what the verse was, it included imagery of “the train of His robe,” and that seemed to be the inspiration Jinger took here. “When Jinger tried on the three protocol dresses, she always looked at the train before she looked at the front, so I knew that was her heart,” Miller added. The train was then further embellished to really make it pop — and it certainly stands as one of the most eye-popping dresses ever seen at a Duggar wedding.

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