Joanna Gaines Shares Smart Advice That Will Change Your Approach to Life

Do you ever wish you could sit down with Fixer Upper’s Joanna Gaines and get life advice? You probably can’t sit with her and talk about your day, but you can pick up her magazine and get helpful tips on everything from cooking to navigating life’s trials.

In the Fall issue of Magnolia Journal, Gaines provides helpful insight on how to enjoy life despite the circumstances. Her secret? Stop being a perfectionist. Living a life of wholeness (this month’s theme), doesn’t mean you have to be perfect. Here’s the advice Joanna Gaines gave in her letter from the editor.

Joanna Gaines says wholeness doesn’t require perfection

Joanna Gaines | Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images
Joanna Gaines | Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Entering a state of wholeness doesn’t mean everything in your life has to be perfect, says Gaines. She tells her readers it’s important to realize you already have what you need to live your life. Don’t look at what is missing from your life but appreciate the things you do have. Gaines encourages and abundance mindset. Think of yourself as living in abundance as opposed to lack. Here’s what Gaines had to say:

I think our culture has made it natural to perceive our identity from a place of lack instead of a place of abundance. It’s not uncommon for us to evaluate who we are based on all that we’re not, or not-yet. But it’s actually through the lens of wholeness that I think we can glean the clarity necessary to see ourselves as all that we already are.

Accept imperfections as part of your identity

Going through trials isn’t pleasant. Although it would be nice for things to always go smoothly, that isn’t how life works. Instead of lamenting what’s wrong in your life, accept the bumps in the road as part of your journey.

Gaines says it’s important to rely on grace to carry you through those rough patches. Also remember you are still a whole person. “To me, there’s a grace woven into the very fabric of wholeness that invites us to live in the abundance of our story. That every piece of our identity—the broken, the sad, the hard, just as much as the fulfilled, the good, the happy—is stitched together to make us complete,” wrote Gaines in her column.

Enjoy each season of your life

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Not every season is going to leave you feeling euphoric. Gaines says it’s important not to be so careful and avoid risks that you miss out on all life has to offer. She advises her readers to take the good with the bad and embrace each season of life. Gaines had this to say in her closing message: “I hope you’re able to see that all of life is neither completely merry nor completely tragic—that there are joyful seasons and heartbreaking seasons, and also mundane seasons, and that to be whole is to embrace every one of them.”

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