Joanna Gaines’ Most Adorable Family Traditions You Never Knew About

Chip and Joanna Gaines often do things the old-fashioned way, and that’s what their fans love about them. While the Fixer Upper stars are all over HGTV, they don’t even have a television at home. And though they could probably afford to live wherever they wanted, they’re sticking with a historic farmhouse where their children share rooms (and chores).

Like many parents, Chip and Joanna have also established traditions for their family. And those traditions are just as sweet as you’d expect. Ahead, discover the most adorable Gaines family traditions that you never knew about.

1. The Gaines kids are included in the family business

Chip Gaines and his four kids with Joanna as superheroes

Chip Gaines and his four kids with Joanna as superheroes | Joanna Stevens Gaines via Instagram

One of the biggest Gaines family traditions is including the kids in the family business, Country Living reports. They might be a little young to start working themselves (though they definitely made appearances on Fixer Upper from time to time). But as Country Living explains, Chip and Joanna also include their children in smaller ways. At the Magnolia Table restaurants, you can order “Ella’s Dipping Donuts” or “Emmie’s Grilled Cheese.” And if you browse Joanna’s paint line, you can choose hues such as “Ella Rose,” “Emmie’s Room,” “Duke Gray,” and “Sir Drake.”

2. Plus, the children get to see new projects before anyone else

Country Living reports that another adorable Gaines family tradition involves the unveiling of new projects. Chip and Joanna “have made it a habit to show off their personal ventures to the kiddos first,” the publication explains. “Fans got to see this twice during Fixer Upper, first with the reveal of the Silos Baking Co., and then again when they opened the doors of Magnolia Table.” As Joanna once explained on Instagram, the kids have “loved getting to be on the other side of the canvas and be surprised.”

3. Chip and Joanna give their kids the chance to pitch in

We don’t know for sure if Chip and Joanna Gaines have kept this tradition alive now that Fixer Upper was over, but fans of the HGTV show are pretty familiar with the family’s habit of bringing the children in to help out toward the end of a project. The night before the big reveal, Chip would stop by the clients’ home with the Gaines children, who would help Joanna decorate for the new homeowners, Country Living reports. Though they might not be renovating houses on TV anymore, it seems likely that Chip and Joanna still include their kids in their work.

4. They make biscuits on the weekend

Joanna Gaines isn’t shy about her love for whipping up southern staples in the farmhouse kitchen. Country Living reports that that also informs the family’s weekend routine. “Rather than heading out for breakfast, the Gaineses tend to stay in and enjoy a big batch of homemade biscuits,” the publication explains. “The tradition came about as Joanna was trying to perfect her recipe for her Magnolia Table cookbook and needed a group of regular taste testers to try to latest batch. It turned into a family project, and then become a regular weekend activity.”

5. The family does a lot of baking around the holidays

Joanna Gaines also has a tradition of baking special treats for their loved ones around the holidays, Country Living reports. Instagram posts have shown the fruits of the family’s labor in the kitchen, such as the photo that Joanna shared to show the Christmas candy that they made one year. And Joanna seems to be passing her skills in the kitchen along to her kids, as Ella started a business selling baked goods around her parents’ office over the summer.

6. Chip goes shopping on Black Friday

Like many families, the Gaineses have several traditions to celebrate the holidays. Country Living reports that Chip once tweeted that he and his sons have made a tradition of going shopping on Black Friday, just like many other Americans. Chip tweeted, “Anybody else doing this #blackFriday thing? Me and the boys have made a tradition of it! Here we come @Lowes #gameFace

7. They exchange homemade cards and gifts

Country Living reports that the Gaineses often exchange homemade cards and gifts on special occasions. Chip and Joanna sometimes post photos of handwritten notes and hand-drawn cards that their children make for them, whether they’re celebrating a birthday or giving their dad a pep talk when he’s training for a race. Making and exchanging homemade gifts not only makes a fun family tradition, but also teaches children that you don’t have to buy an expensive gift to show your appreciation for somebody.

8. Joanna keeps her favorite baby clothes for each child

Some family traditions are fun when you’re a kid, but are even easier to appreciate when you’re older. That’s probably the case with a tradition that Joanna has started: saving her favorite baby clothes from each of her children’s infancy, and storing them away as a keepsake. HGTV explained on Instagram that according to Joanna, “I wrote them a note for later in case they are sentimental like their mama.”

9. Chip holds onto his babies’ hospital bracelets

Before baby Crew came along, it had been quite a long time since Chip and Joanna had a newborn to bring home from the hospital. But photos of Chip with his youngest son put the spotlight on a heartwarming Gaines family tradition. As Joanna explained on Instagram, “Chip started a tradition with Drake where he wore the hospital bracelet until it fell off.” People wear friendship bracelets until they disintegrate, so why not hold onto a memento of those whirlwind hours in the delivery room and the maternity ward?

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