Joanna Gaines’ Favorite Breakfast Foods She Loves for Her Family

While we all miss Fixer Upper, it’s no secret that Chip and Joanna Gaines are achieving plenty of impressive life goals. And thanks to the Magnolia blog, their restaurant known as Magnolia Table, and Joanna’s cookbook, we all get a glimpse into what Joanna loves to eat and cook for her family.

Curious as to what the Gaines family always has on their breakfast table? Here are a few of Joanna’s tried-and-true favorites, including one that Chip loves.

She loves her famous overnight French toast

French toast
Joanna Gaines’ French toast | Magnolia via Instagram

French toast is a delicious and decadent breakfast treat — but not everyone has time to put it together in the morning (especially with five kids). Joanna mentions on the blog that she loves this recipe because she can prep it all the night before. It starts with soaking bread in cream and sugar overnight, adding sugar and pecans in the morning, and then tossing it in the oven in the morning. In just 35 minutes, it’s all ready to eat.

Joanna mentions it’s best eaten the day it’s made, but you can store leftovers for up to two days in the fridge. And of course, she also mentions a pumpkin butter recipe that goes perfectly on top.

Fried eggs and fresh biscuits are a favorite of Chip’s

While Joanna loves her sweets, it seems Chip is a stickler for his favorite breakfast meal. Joanna said every Saturday, Chip indulges in “fried eggs cooked over-medium and two biscuits, one slathered with butter and strawberry jam, and the other one tucked under a generous serving of sausage gravy.”

As for her biscuits, MSN reports she said it took her an entire year to get the recipe just right. Now, she incorporates the eggs in an unusual way and makes sure all the biscuits are touching in the pan while they bake to get them perfect.

Strawberry butter goes perfectly well with the biscuits

Joanna Gaines' biscuits
Joanna Gaines’ biscuits | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

Her biscuits may be great on their own, but Joanna loves to incorporate something extra special to slather on top. And if you visit the Magnolia Table restaurant, you’ll notice the biscuits come with a delicious strawberry butter. Blogger Happily the Hicks created a copy-cat recipe of the delicious spread so you can try it, too. It’s fruity, sweet, and extra perfect if you’re also eating Joanna’s homemade biscuits.

Banana bread is a favorite for the kids

Banana bread doesn’t have to be seasonal, but Joanna mentions on the blog that when back-to-school time hits, banana bread is the ultimate recipe to have on hand. “My kids love homemade banana bread, and on a morning like this one, it’s priority to me that my kids get a good breakfast — no matter how much time we don’t have,” she writes.

Like the French toast, she also makes this recipe the night before. The next morning, all she has to do is warm it up in the oven or microwave and add a pat of butter to finish it off. “It’s quick, it’s easy and, with only 9 ingredients, you really can’t mess it up,” Joanna adds.

Cinnamon rolls also help satisfy a sweet tooth

Joanna Gaines' cinnamon rolls
Joanna Gaines’ cinnamon rolls | Magnolia via Instagram

We’ve seen Joanna Gaines prepare to bake fresh cinnamon rolls before — and we imagine her entire family loves them. She’s even been known to prep the dough ahead of time so finishing them up in the morning can be easily accomplished. And if you’re used to grabbing the pre-made refrigerated varieties, stop right there. Taste of Home provides an excellent recipe so you can get Magnolia-style cinnamon rolls in no time.

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