Here’s Proof That Joanna Gaines Loves Plants as Much as the Rest of Us

Any fan of Fixer Upper knows that Joanna Gaines loves plants. The shared love for fiddle leaf figs, hoyas, and snake plants is probably just one of many reasons why millennials are obsessed with HGTV. Joanna famously styles her clients’ homes with a generous number of houseplants.

But if you were looking for proof that the Fixer Upper star is as genuinely obsessed with plants as the rest of us, look no further than a recent Instagram thread.

She asked the same question that everybody else had about this photo

When designer Emily Henderson posted a photo of the gorgeous interior below, we got all the proof we need that Joanna Gaines is a true plant lady. Fans loved the shot, which showed how Henderson styled some of Target’s new fall home decor line. But everybody’s eyes went straight to the gorgeous tree in the corner of the room.

Joanna Gaines was no exception. She commented on Emily’s post, “Beautiful space!! How do I get that tree in my life…” Dozens of other commenters wanted to know the same thing. “It’s so unlike the typical fiddle leaf fig or cacti shown in room reveals that it immediately turned heads,” House Beautiful reports. “And, naturally, since this is a post about Target, had people wondering if they should beeline it to the chain to see if they could find one, too.”

The plant doesn’t make a good houseplant, but Joanna has some ideas you can copy

Emily Henderson soon addressed all the questions when she shared the full room reveal on her blog. And unfortunately, the tree isn’t one that you’ll find at Target or one that you’ll want to add to your living room ASAP. It’s an acacia tree, and it probably wouldn’t make a particularly happy houseplant. As Emily said of the tree in a comment on her blog, “It belongs outside. We took some editorial freedoms.” As she had written in the post, however, adding that particular tree to your living room isn’t the only way to achieve the same look:
Certainly, the large (definitely outdoor) tree, plants, branches and wood tones (including that lovely and always popular lamp) show you how you can layer on natural elements to warm up a space and add character (even when everything is brand new). Target has a few terrariums and pots with some rather real-looking faux greenery and it’s my professional opinion that these are great to use if you buy higher end ones and of course keep the dust off of them.

Everybody loves houseplants

Plus, Emily Henderson isn’t the only designer to sometimes reach for fake plants. Joanna Gaines, who has a famously green thumb, often wouldn’t put real flowers in Fixer Upper homes. Instead, she used faux florals to get the lush look without as much maintenance. She’s also been known to use other fake plants, too, when she was designing for clients who don’t want to deal with real plants. If you do have a green thumb, though, you could just pick one of Joanna’s favorite houseplants instead.
Numerous publications have reported on the phenomenon of houseplant-loving millennials. The Washington Post recently reported that millennials “are filling their homes — and the void in their hearts — with houseplants.” Moneyish noted that millennials “are treating their plants like children,” naming them, talking to them, and spending time and money caring for them.
The Los Angeles Times reports that millennials are turning to plants because they don’t own homes or have kids. Similarly, The Wall Street Journal reports that millennials have turned to plants “to satisfy their emotional needs,” and to give them an excuse to stay home instead of visiting their parents. That might be where Joanna Gaines — a mother of five — draws the line.

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