Joanna Gaines’ Shoe Collection: What to Wear to Get Her Look

When it comes to both fashion and function, Joanna Gaines stays true to herself in both her home designs and her personal wardrobe. She’s talked about her fashion before on her Magnolia blog — and she loves to keep things simple with high-quality basics, layers, and a few stunning leather and gold jewelry pieces to amp up an outfit on the fly.

When it comes to her shoes, she has a few favorites, too. No matter if she’s running her many businesses, running around with her kids, or working on home demolitions, she needs a shoe that will fit her needs, keep her comfortable, and look great on TV. Here’s the footwear she swears by.

Hari Mari Lakes sandals

Price: $52.99

Joanna loves to wear flip-flops when necessary just like the rest of us — but she doesn’t skimp out when it comes to quality. Real Simple notes she loves these Hari Mari Lakes sandals. Though they may seem like a steep price at $52.99, the ultra-comfortable suede straps and memory foam toe post make them totally worth it. They’re also super supportive in the arch area — something you won’t often find in a sandal. Instead of spending $25 each year for a new pair, these will last multiple summers to come.

Nike Free TR training sneakers

Joanna Gaines' sneakers

Joanna Gaines’ sneakers | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

Price: $100.00

We remember Joanna’s New Year resolution at the start of 2018 — and that was to work out every single day for 21 days straight. In order to keep herself accountable, she posted on social media about it. And that’s also when we got a glimpse of her ideal workout footwear, Real Simple notes.

Eagle-eyed fans and publications have noted her sneaker of choice is likely the Nike Free TR7 training sneaker. But, since those are difficult to come by (Nike has since come out with a newer version of the shoe), we recommend the Free TR8. They’re perfect for the gym, HIIT workouts, and cross-training for a mere $100.

Free People ‘Royale’ Pointy Toe Flat

Price: $198.00

When Joanna wants to look stylish for the camera, fans couldn’t help but notice the funky pointed-toe shoes she was sporting on the last season of Fixer Upper. And while there’s no confirmation that these Pointy Toe Flats from Free People were the exact same shoe, they certainly look similar enough, Southern Living notes, so we’re betting Joanna would wear them. The brown leather version looks nearly identical to Joanna’s but there are other shades of blacks and browns that would also be just as beautiful.

Freebird by Steven Drover Riding Boot

Demo day fixer upper chip and joanna gaines

Demo day on Fixer Upper | HGTV

Price: $295.00

On the Magnolia blog, Joanna Gaines mentions the Freebird boots as one of her favorite pairs. She claims they are her “go-to boots for demo days or for work days on the farm.” Joanna also adds how they’re super durable and “fit like a glove.”

When looking for work boots, she offers sound advice here, too. Don’t look for ones that are too polished, and make sure that they can withstand a number of scratches and dents without deteriorating or looking messy.

Frye Dorado Lug Riding boots

Price: $299.99

When Joanna isn’t working, she still loves boots for fall, as she mentions on the Magnolia blog. And she adds that “a good pair of riding boots” are another favorite, as you can pair them with either a dressy or casual outfit to complete a look. As for what to wear with your riding boots, she says she likes casual shirts or a jacket on top with tights, a dress, or jeans for bottoms.

We’re not sure if these are the exact boots Joanna wears, but they’re certainly close. Frye boots are known for their durability, beauty, and comfort.

Coclico Jory Wedge

Joanna Gaines sitting in room with shiplap

Joanna Gaines sitting in a room with shiplap | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

Price: $415.00

If you want to “add sass to your outfit,” as Joanna says on her blog, then wedges are the way to go. A good wedge is the perfect fall or spring addition to your shoe collection, as they’re comfortable enough to stand in all day while still looking sleek and stylish. Joanna mentions these Coclico Jory shoes are a pair she loves with “jeans and a simple top.”

These wedges may be pricey, but as Joanna suggests, if you purchase good-quality staples once, you won’t have to again for years to come.

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