Jodie Comer Was Shocked She Won an Emmy for ‘Killing Eve’

The show Killing Eve is pretty popular. And Jodie Comer is at the center of it all. Portraying Villanelle, the lovable assassin, Comer is enticingly bad. The premise of the show, that Eve is looking for Villanelle and sometimes Villanelle even looks for Eve, is exciting and keeps fans on the edge of their seats.

Comer is incredibly talented. So her winning an Emmy comes as no surprise to many Killing Eve fans. However, the actress herself had no idea she would win.

How did it happen?

Jodie Comer at the Emmys winning for Killing Eve
Jodie Comer at the Emmys winning for Killing Eve | Xinhua/Li Ying via Getty Images

No doubt the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences saw Comer’s immense talent and voted for her. She was the only one who was shocked by the outcome. She was so sure that she wasn’t going to win that she didn’t even invite her parents to the awards ceremony.

According to the actress, she said “oh no, sit this one out. Now’s not my time.” Apparently the Television Academy disagreed. Everybody celebrated when she won.

Who was celebrating the most?

Comer got a hug from her Killing Eve costar Sandra Oh and a cheer from the creator of the series, Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Both women clearly support Comer, which is always nice to see. Comer said she “[didn’t] know what [she] was thinking. [She] was in a complete state of shock.”

This just shows how humble she is. Comer truly didn’t think she would win and that is very refreshing. She also is no stranger to stage fright, even though she’s an actress. According to Comer, “you’re standing in front of all of these people, and you want to say the right thing and don’t want to miss anybody.”

How did Jodie Comer of ‘Killing Eve’ feel she did on the Emmys stage?

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According to the actress herself, she “[feels] like [she] blabbered on a lot.” We’re sure that no one else felt that way and that everyone enjoyed her speech very much. On the night of the Emmys, Comer spent it with “[her] agents and the ‘Killing Eve’ team, and [they] had a couple of drinks to celebrate, and lots of pizza.” Sounds like loads of fun to us!

Comer then went to bed semi-early at 2 AM. She “was so tired; it was such a long day.” Though we’re sure it was also a great one. Who wouldn’t want to win an Emmy?

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The role of Villanelle is a good one, and one that we’re sure Comer appreciates. She admits that she likes it when fans say how much they like Villanelle, saying, “it’s good to make people feel something, and she definitely seems to do that.” Villanelle definitely makes people feel a variety of emotions, from pain to anger to sadness to happiness.

Though it may seem strange that an assassin could make people happy, Villanelle is something special. She’s the kind of character that only comes around once in a while. And Jodie Comer is definitely the kind of actress that only comes around once in a while. As Killing Eve‘s executive producer Sally Woodward-Gentle says, Comer “has the ability to transform, and it feels totally effortless.”

She is not the type of person you would suspect of being an assassin, and that is the reason she is perfect for the role.