Joe Jonas Reveals He Felt ‘Betrayed’ by Nick Jonas When the Jonas Brothers Broke Up

When Nick Jonas suggested that the Jonas Brothers break up in 2013, it was a tense time. So tense, in fact, that Nick wasn’t entirely sure that his brothers would ever want to even speak to him again. Now the Jonas Brothers are back and better than ever and can talk more openly about that painful time.

The Jonas Brothers Visit KISS FM Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas
Jonas Brothers: Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Kevin Jonas | Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

It was a ‘tough conversation’

Kevin and Joe Jonas never saw it coming when Nick proposed that they end their time as a band. The brothers opened up about the decision in a new interview with CBS Sunday Morning, with Joe admitting that the idea of a split hit him hard, explaining, “I checked out in my mind that — that was it. There’s going to be no more brothers ever.”

Nick explained, “And I feared that, you know, we — they would never speak to me again.” The reason behind him wanting to break up, he said, was beyond just not seeing eye to eye, as he explained, “To call it creative differences is almost too simple.”

He continued: “And I think a lot of people lost the appetite for what we were putting into the world. So, you know, we were putting up shows that weren’t selling. We were making music that I don’t think we were all super proud of, and it wasn’t connected.”

“So I had a very tough conversation with them where I laid it out for them,” Nick shared, adding, “I said, ‘You know, I feel like the Jonas Brothers should be no more, and we should go on individual journeys.’ And it didn’t go so well.”

The Jonas Brothers’ breakup was necessary

While the initial idea of breaking up was a difficult one, the brothers splintered off and did their own thing for a time.

Eventually, the Jonas Brothers found their way back to making music together again, and are now recharged and ready for the next chapter of their story.

Nick noted: “We definitely were supposed to go through all of what we went through to get to this point. I think it was, it was kind of, I guess you could say destiny, whatever it may be, but yeah, we got a do-over, and I think this time around we’re going to do it right.”

Jonas Brothers documentary explains the details of the split

At the time they announced they were breaking up, fans were devastated and it was initially unclear why they decided to call it off and who had initiated the breakup.

In their new documentary, Chasing Happiness, coming to Amazon Prime Video on June 4, they explained how the conversation played out.

Kevin shared, “Me and Joe sit down and Nick says, ‘As you guys know, things haven’t been the same, and the Jonas Brothers should be no more.’”

Joe shared his perspective on how Nick spoke with them, noting, “It was not, ‘My heart’s not in it, and I want to be real with you as band members and brothers.’ It was, ‘The band is over. I want to go do stuff without you guys and I’ve made up my mind.’”

He added, “I felt betrayed, I felt lied to, I felt angry, numb. What hurt the most was that it came from Nick because he is my best friend. I thought that me, Kevin and Nick were going to do this forever, and that it was us against the world.”

Kevin said that Joe “finally broke down” and said, “You want to be done? Fine. We’re done.” That moment, Kevin added, was “when I knew the band was over. Because Joe and Nick were thick as thieves.”